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Roadtrip Australia: Van-Tastic Northern Territory - WILLIE & ANDREW Americans Willie and Andrew embark on the ultimate Aussie roadtrip as they motor around Northern Territory with Van-Tastic Adventures for six action-packed, free-wheeling weeks of adventure.

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A Biography by Willie Concepción (and only Willie Concepción)

Andrew Adams and Willie Concepción are not friends. They do not enjoy one another’s company. Willie has never called Andrew just to hear his voice. Yet Andrew thinks that Willie is a comedic genius. Willie agrees.

Willie is a Cuban-American born and raised in Miami, FL. Contrary to popular belief, he did not arrive in the United States on a raft when he was young. Andrew, meanwhile, is a true American. He’s loud, likes fast food, and is reluctant to learn any foreign languages.

This ‘comedic duo’ – which is really more like a ‘comedic single, plus Andrew’ – met one fateful day in a college comedy group, where they refused to speak to one another. Andrew was suspicious of anyone with long hair and Willie had never met anyone who wasn’t Hispanic. But, when forced to work together, they found that they had a positive effect on one another: Willie made Andrew learn Spanish, and Andrew made Willie get a haircut.

Soon they discovered they had much in common. Andrew loved the cinema, Willie loved romantic comedies. They were both obsessed with LOST. They both loved world travel, had studied abroad in London, and toured most of Europe.

But their personalities didn’t mesh well, so little changed.

Yet they wanted to explore the Southern Hemisphere. And even though they were reluctant to do it together, it seemed convenient, so they begrudgingly accepted one another’s company. They’re looking forward to the travel.

But not the company.

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