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USA | Friday, 7 November 2008 | Views [654]

Friday, November 7             8:05 pm Thailand / 6:05 am US

LOL we checked out from the hotel on time (before 9:00 am) but then the receptionist gave us 2 vouchers for breakfast! Well, we couldn't waste it so we ordered breakfast (2 Thai-style breakfasts: boiled rice with pork; tea; ice water; and orange juice), which made us 15 minutes late. Yeah, even overseas, I still run on Chinese time. Afterwards, we visited the day market where we saw a butchered rat (eeewww!! Guts spewing out and all!) and lots of fruits, chickens, fish, and clothes. Then off to 2 more temples (yeah, we're tiring of the temples unfortunately.) We ended up at the airport an hour and a half early so we did what anyone else would do: SNACK!! We got 2 ice creams (1 oreo-lookin Drumstick and 1 almond bar; nori seaweed flavored Lay's chips; and gummy colas!). Haha... boy did our snacks hit the spot. By the time we finished our snacks it was time to board the plane, which we had to cross onto the runway to get to.

Once we got to Chiang Mai, we missed the weather in Mae Hong Son (it was about 80 degrees there) because it was 90 degrees here in Chiang Mai! Rested a bit at the airport before we headed to Pantip Plaza, the same computer city as Bangkok, except here it was less crowded. The majority of the crowd seemed to be Buddhist monks! And we saw an Office Depot and Burrito House (Mexican restaurant). Ahhh, felt almost like home!

Off we ventured down the road along the night market. Then BOOM! The snackies hit us! LOL we went straight to McDonald's!! We got 2 cheeseburger meals and it's funny because the lady said she'd personally bring the burgers to us. So we're at our table, sitting and munching on fries. Tick, tick, tick, 10 minutes pass by. "Hmmm... they must be making the burgers fresh!" But everyone else got their orders. So Ryan goes up to the counter to ask about the burgers and the manager looked totally shocked that we didn't get our order. Immediately he gave Ryan one burger and said the next one will be coming soon. A girl later gave us the other burger AND a strawberry sundae AND a chocolate sundae courtesy of the manager!! Cool beans! We should go there every day and just order fries and a drink and pretend we didn't get our orders! j/k Oh yeah, and they have delivery from McDonald's: it's a guy with a HUGE square backpack, the type that looks like it has insulation in it to keep the food warm. We might have to try that out too! =P

Afterwards we decided to finally get a massage. Since Ryan gets too ticklish, we settled on half-hour foot massages for each of us. Oooo, did our feet feel good except for Ryan's left calf which got sore. Total price with tip: 200 baht ($7.00 USD)! I can't wait for my next massage!

Off to the food court for a small dinner: crispy fried noodles with gravy & pork and curry noodles with chicken. Then for dessert: roti with bananas and chocolate. Total price for dinner and dessert: 100 baht ($3.50 USD). Forget the restaurants!

Oh yeah, and our haggling for the day: DVDs, CDs, and a "North Face" backpack. We got everything for almost half the original quoted price. But you know that they're still making some profit or else they'd have given the face and ignored us (that happened to me yesterday when I wanted to buy a T-shirt for 70 baht or $2 USD. Got too greedy with my low-balling!)

So that's it for today. A really chillaxing day which we need because we've got an early start for tomorrow. 8 am pick-up to go ziplining! Woo hoo!!!

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