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Sleeping In Bangkok... Don't worry - It's G-Rated!

USA | Thursday, 30 October 2008 | Views [627] | Comments [1]

Thursday, 10/30      8.38 AM Thailand / 6.34 pm US

Boy, this hotel needs some double-paned windows! The whole night we could hear the motorcycles vrooming through the city and all the horns blasting from cars. This city does not have a time when there's no traffic! And we thought L.A was bad with its traffic. Thank God we were wiped out from the flying and our excursions to the shopping areas of Bangkok.

I was wide awake at 5 am today thanks to our wonderful neighbor who decided to use his electric shaver with his door opened. If you don't know me or never had an overnight trip with me, I'm a SUPER light sleeper. So today I'm going to try out my ear plugs tonight. Ryan slept like a log... until I went to the bathroom <ha, ha>. But he fell asleep after about 2 hours and then he slept like a log again. Lucky guy!

Oh yeah, and we're spoiled with no smoking the States. I always forget about that! Our pillowcases and room smelled like cigarette smoke. Yuck! It didn't reek until the middle of the night and I thought someone was smoking outside our room. Nope, I was wrong... it was the hotel stuff.

Yumms... our breakfast at the hotel was buffet style and not entirely all American food. They had this sticky rice with raisins that tasted like tomato beef aka like ketchup with rice! Yummy! And some fried ramen-like noodles. The meat products were a bit on the pale side, kinda looked like tofu hot dogs and ham. Ryan said they tasted boiled but he still ate it. Oh yeah, and the fruits here are super sweet! Hmmm... rivals Hawaii.

After breakfast, we calculated how much we spent so far. Yeah, yeah, we're nerds! =P Drum roll please...... if you include the refundable deposit for our hotel: 1509 baht <$51 US>, but minus the deposit: 509 baht <$17 US>    CRAZY CHEAP!!!

Okay, off to touristy stuff today. Thank God it doesn't feel as hot. Maybe 80 degrees and cloudy <yesterday was 85 degrees>.

Days of not being food poisoned: 2 

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It reads like a novel! Enjoying the first few blog notes! Looking forward to hearing about the mall!

  Day Oct 30, 2008 4:00 PM

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