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Jalan Jalan Jalan Jalan is about the time I have spent in Indonesia. Usually this involves me getting in to some unusual situation and then having to face the many cultural and language barriers to get out of it. Also, there are usually monkeys involved.

My favourite ‘not so secret’ locations in Bali

INDONESIA | Thursday, 19 April 2012 | Views [1536]

White Sand Beaches

The White Sand Beaches lie just north of Candidasa on the East coast of Bali. I usually take a relaxing motorbike ride from Ubud through Gianyar and then up the Australian Government funded seaside road. Usually there are no hassles with macet unless of course the winds are high and the trucks can’t make it on the boats so they are lined up on the side of the road for tens of kilometres. The White Sand Beaches are a popular tourist destination for the area however there is a way to enjoy it in a non-tourist way. After a particular afternoon frolicking in the water and at the beach, my friends and I decided to camp on the banana chairs there. The family said we could stay for a very reasonable price for the night. They left us with fresh fruit and water for the night before explaining that they would usually stay with the guests but couldn’t this time as there was a ceremony on. What more could you want; the beach under the moonlight, the phosphorous lights sparkling against our skin in the water and the serenity, oh the serenity. The next morning I literally woke up, sat up in my banana chair, took my dress off and jumped in the refreshing salty waves. Beats coffee and a smoke as a wake up strategy. That day we went fishing and snorkelling. My friends caught a few fish; I was happy enough to feel a few bites. Oh the serenity.

Pantai Indah 

Pantai Indah is a small section of beach tucked away amongst the fancy five star hotels along Sanur beach. To get there from Jalan Danau Tamblingan requires walking down a dirt track through a very peaceful cow paddock. For the vegetarians out there the warung at Pantai Indah makes a delicious potato curry and for those non-vegetarians out there, go the chicken sate. The sate ayam comes served on a mini barbeque rack with mini coals burning inside so they stay nice and warm and an added bonus of minimising the risk of salmonella too I suppose. At high tide, I like to enjoy a fresh coconut and a bintang (detox and retox at the same time - why waste time?) and a swim amongst the seaweed. Just don’t look down. If you are visiting at night time you may be exposed the some interesting music like a reggae version of ‘Ob La Di Ob La Da’ which may confuse you as it did me. But other times a small group of local guys may make their way to your table with guitars and bongo drums asking you for a request. It could be so romantic…

Hot Springs

The hot springs are a popular domestic tourist as well as international tourist destination. The warm water that gushes from the intricately carved rock in the side of a mountain is located near Singaraja and Lovina. The first time I visited I’m not sure if it was because I was still young or if the minerals in the water were detoxing my skin but I broke out in pimples! Now I find nothing more relaxing, after a gorgeous drive over the mountains through the middle of Bali, than to lay back under the water fountain and let the water pressure massage my skin. It is very cleansing and revitalising. Plus you meet some interesting people from all over Indonesia whilst you bathe in the natural mineral waters.

4am Nasi Kuning in Ubud

At about 4am after a big night out on the town indulging in arak and live music with the locals, there is nothing better than a good dose of freshly cooked Nasi Kuning to satisfy the post party pain! At a secret location somewhere on Jalan Monkey Forest you can access the cook’s delicious feast via a small gang or alley which leads right in to the Ibu’s kitchen. Usually my friends and I will sit on an old wooden table which lies sideways at night on the side of the street, to devour the yummy goodness. Selamat makan!


And last but not least is the location that is even harder for YOU to enjoy. This is because it is nothing more than my veranda that fringes my small two bedroom apartment/house/kos in Katiklantang (Longstick). I like to kick back with a cup of tea or coffee, maybe my guitar in hand and a clove smoke to really take in the view. From my veranda in Katiklantang you can see Mount Agung in the distance with a lovely view of the rice paddies laying before her. I am truly attched to Gunung Agung as she is visible to us humans on the land, to the birds and Hindu Gods above the clouds, and her feet are always dug deep in the earth, visible to the Hindu Gods that lay under the ground.

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