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March 21 - 30

THAILAND | Monday, 29 March 2010 | Views [276] | Comments [1]

We have arrived in Paradise (Phi Phi Don Island).  The waters arecrystal clear, the islands magnificent and our accommodations are good.  We are in a very simple bungalow only steps to the warm clear ocean.  I of course couldn’t wait to get in the water to see how the coral was.  I was very impressed with the coral and the amount of fish life on my first swim.  I was searching for the Nemo Clown fish but didn’t see one although I have been told they are in the area.  We would go to the Phi Phi Lee island to see the amazing beaches and coves and to snorkel.  That night we didn’t even use the mosquito net as there didn’t seem to be any bugs around.   The island of Phi Phi lee was even more picturesque than it’s big bother as it is a protected park.  We strolled on the white sand beaches, swam in the crystal clear lagoons and snorkelled the coralline reefs..  Still no Nemo L..  We headed back to the resort around noon..  Holly decided it was snack time and went to the Bungalow to get the cookies and bananas.  To her surprise a family of monkeys had decided to move in..  She said that they swarmed her taking her shoe and pulling the door open trying to get the bananas as she swatted at them with the broom.  She was taking forever so I went to see what was up and they had vanished..  I though that she was telling me stories as no one else saw them not even our neighbours that were on the beach.  Back to the beach to snorkel in search of Nemo.  The meals have been great but it still feels a bit weird having to eat out every meal.  We are loving the relaxation of the resort and being away from the bustle of the towns.  We decided to walk up to the view point (30 minute walk).  The view was over where the tsunami hit in 2004 and most of the buildings had been rebuilt.  You couldn’t see at all where the damage had taken place.  We walked around the town and got more Bananas as holly had tossed them to the monkeys supposedly to get them to go away so she could escape..  “I think she just didn’t want to share”.  We decided to take a different way back..  Bad idea.  Walking in the 36 degree heat on this rout that took  90 minutes sucked.  We immediately jumped in the water upon reaching the beach..  After resting a while what do you know Monkeys’ they were coming out of the woods, a hole family.  One even came down to the resort and stole a Papaya right out of the tree..  So Holly was not crazy I guess…..    :P   I tried to get a few pictures but they retreated to the trees.  The next few days would be swimming, relaxing and the search for the Nemo fish.  Another guest of the resort told me he had seen the Nemo so I asked him to show me..  We swam out and right in front of the resort at last   a small anenome and there was three Nemo’s, a small family there right were I had swam numerous times   just out of site in about 25 feet of water..  Over the next few days I spotted a few more families of  clown fish and even saw one that I had never seen before and will have to look up when I get home..  There are so many kinds of fish, from Lion fish to groupers, and even the Nemo clown..  I was very happy with the marine life.  It was twice as good as any of the other islands we visited in Thailand.  Just as we were starting to relax in the afternoon our neighbours came down from the bungalow and told us there the monkeys were attacking our bungalow again. Probably because we had just taken the bananas out an hour before and they could smell them.. They broke two windows and the water tank..  We thought we would have to move but the resort staff got it fixed up very quickly.  Holly cursed the monkeys and was glad that I had Monkey proofed the doors the night before  LOL.  We planned to get a Thi massage that afternoon. Holly went first and said that her massage was excellent although a little firm, but for seven dollars for an hour massage how could you complain..  My massage was good too.  The lady had crazy strong hands and some of the techniques were a little odd but very relaxing.  No there was no happy endings as she was over fifty and looked a little like miss piggy..  As we were so relaxed we decided why not go for a hike..  Not sure how’s idea that was but it was our last day there and we wanted to see the sunset.  We made it in 25 minutes as we were so limber from the massage.  We watched the sun go down in a hue of mist with shimmering yellows and oranges over the water.  On the way back we could hear a thunder storm approaching and hurried back to the resort for dinner..  Just as we got back it hit the coast and was very windy and rainy so we jumper into the waves and played with the local kids that where already splashing away..  After drying off we sat down for our last dinner and had some amazing Thi food as always..  “Not to spicy for me” you have to say or you are in deep trouble.  I the morning we would be on the ferry and a plane to Bangkok.  
We have arrived at our Hotel (Reno Hotel).  We are headed to the Chatachuk Market the biggest outdoor market in Bangkok.  Over 100,000 people are said to visit it on a daily basis.  We arrived by sky train and soon found our selves wandering lost in the stalls..  We did a big loops though handy crafts to pets galore and found our selves back at the start not knowing how we got there..  We decided to attack it more logical way down one row then the next not to miss anything..  After 6 hours of walking we felt we had seen the best of the market and got bargains on all the keepsakes we could handle..  So back to the Reno Pool we went.  The next day we had a lot of planning to do for India so the day would be spent in the internet café’s and back and forth to the pool as it is still 36 - 40 deg by 8:00am.  Our last day here we went to the mall to see if we could find any last minute bargains we may have missed.  
Off to India and the Golden Triangle of Deli.  



Ohh my those crazy monkey's!!! I believe you Holly. This was quite and entertaining post guys...lots of adventure to be had for sure.
Hope your travel to India is a safe one

xo Andrea

  Andrea Mar 30, 2010 2:42 PM

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