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Flirting with fate. Floating on feet. Some of us fall 4 places like many are smitten by faces. Is it 4 the experiences or the views? Honestly, it's so hard 2 choose. While many need a reason & more wait 4 the season, we refuse 2 let seasons confine us, we hit the road & let reasons find us.


UGANDA | Saturday, 7 Feb 2015 | Views [199]

Swahilli fills the air, as dust lingers the air Matatus every where, traffic without a care...   Some say beauty is in the eyes, I say its where it lies I've traveled years n miles, seen lots of towns n smiles...   A hot beauty ... Read more >

The City in a mountain... (One4Mbale)

UGANDA | Tuesday, 3 Feb 2015 | Views [187]

Way up on a mountain Somewhere high up on a hill Am I? Or how not so high I feel Looking down upon a hidden gem...   Safely tucked away Many hills and miles away Is a farm on a tomb called Elgon It is here. That I am home.... Read more >

Hotel Insomnia

UGANDA | Monday, 2 Feb 2015 | Views [152]

So, I am lying here solo Sucking on polo after polo Head buried below the pillow Frankly, my mind feels hollow...   Once again am denied a visa to slumberland Thoughts consume me as I pretend to understand Why I'm here alone ... Read more >


UGANDA | Monday, 2 Feb 2015 | Views [163]

If it’s not a trash hip, it’s a pack of nice hips If it’s not a pot hole, then it’s a cutie so tall Where barely a road is good, expect to eat dust And where every cop is rude, expect to spend fast…   ... Read more >

Bunyonyi, the heart of a pearl...

UGANDA | Monday, 2 Feb 2015 | Views [117]

Behold I once was told Of nature's treasure A beauty beyond measure By way of lens, I present to thee with pleasure Hidden in a pearl, floating through time, a land of little birds... Somewhere in the highlands Lives a family of lovely lucky ... Read more >

The traveller's creed

UGANDA | Monday, 2 Feb 2015 | Views [192]

Be it on foot, by bike, by car or by plane In a way, we are all pretty much the same We are only limited by a budget, never a plan In fact you wouldn't be so wrong, to deem us not sane...   Some of us fall for places Like many ... Read more >

Photos: Travel Banners

UGANDA | Monday, 2 Feb 2015 | Photo Gallery

A few banners I collected(not mine intellectually)
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Homecoming... (The Arrival)

UGANDA | Sunday, 1 Feb 2015 | Views [143]

The majestic mighty Mount. Elgon serves as a back drop And I can literally hear & feel my heart rate drop As I get closer to home, to where I’m from I’m talkin' about the little Mbale town…   A welcome nothing ... Read more >

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Photos: Fella On The Go

UGANDA | Monday, 26 Jan 2015 | Photo Gallery

A few faces and places I wont forget...
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