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We had a Spanish-style Thanksgiving a few years ago

We had a Spanish-style Thanksgiving a few years ago

My name is Carmel and I'm currently a long-term traveler. My husband and I had a dream to travel the world and after 3 years of planning and 2 years of saving, we are finally realizing that dream. We set off with two one-way tickets to Mongolia in September 2013 and have been wandering the world ever since.

My passion for travel really started around the same time my passion for cooking was reignited. I spent a semeseter abroad in Granada, Spain, and had opportunities I had never even dreamt of presented to me. I got to see the Mediterranean sea, eat lunches daily with my Spanish host family, dance all night with my friends and make new Spanish friends that I still have to this day. I fell for the Spanish lifestyle hard and it only made me more curious to see the rest of the world.

Our travels so far have mainly seen us in Asia, although we are currently in Australia visiting my cousin. My favorite countries have not surprisingly been some of the ones with the best food - Thailand, Korea, Vietnam...

I'm excited to see more of the world and continue to find my place in it. Hope you enjoy looking around my page!

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