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Meditations around the world My 8-month Trip to Southeast Asia.


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Epilogue: the Eight Months Wrapped Up in an Ontological Blanket

Monday, 21 May 2007 | Views [1141]

Hey, I'm working on it!

Tags: Philosophy of travel

Photos: Ko Pangan, Haad Thien

Wednesday, 9 May 2007 | Photo Gallery

My home for two months
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Tags: beach, coconut, cove, haad thien, island, ko pa ngan, sanctuary, thailand, water, wellness

Thoughts from my hammock...

Monday, 7 May 2007 | Views [1806] | Comments [1]

Thoughts from my hammock.   May 7, 2007 Haad Thien Beach, Ko Pagnan Island, Thailand   People may wonder what one does sitting at the beach for two months.   Doesn’t it get boring? they may think.   I imagine for ... Read more >

Tags: breath, hammock, meditation, moment, relaxation, spirit, thailand, truth, utopia, vacation

April 19: Alone With My Gallbladder

Thursday, 19 Apr 2007 | Views [4349] | Comments [20]

March 20-April 19, 2007 The next morning I shook off my aloneness with busying myself packing and getting a ride to the immigration office where I could extend my visa for another month. A long wait for a sawngthaw was explained by the traffic jam ... Read more >

Tags: chi, gallbladder, healer, illness, massage, qi, relaxation, shiatsu

1½ Day Gallbladder Flush Recipe

Wednesday, 18 Apr 2007 | Views [177451] | Comments [82]

    Here is the recipe for the Gallbladder Cleanse. My own experience of flushing out of the bile ducts sure sold me on the need for it!  This cleanse did take a good bit out of me for about 4 days, though I think that depends ... Read more >

Tags: alternative, gall, gallbladder, gallbladder flush recipe, healing, health, party time, stones, surgery, therapy

March 9-19: Back to the Beach

Monday, 19 Mar 2007 | Views [1548]

March 9-19 Another overnight bus took us from Bangkok down to the port city of Surat Thani. From here we caught a ferry to the island of Ko Samui in the Gulf of Thailand.. The next few weeks seemed to go by very quickly in a blur of sad anticipation ... Read more >

Tags: beaches, bottle beach, gulf, ko pangan, ko samui, on the road, surat thani, thailand, travel, vacation

Photos: Ko Pangan bottle beach

Sunday, 18 Mar 2007 | Photo Gallery

Bottle Beach
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Photos: Ko Samui

Saturday, 10 Mar 2007 | Photo Gallery

Island in Gulf of Thailand
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March 2-9: Chiang Mai

Friday, 9 Mar 2007 | Views [1270]

March 2-9 The first full day in Chiang Mai, we hired a tuk tuk driver to take us to all the famous temples. They were interesting to see but not really to talk about. The next day we went to the national museum -a big disappointment, and then on ... Read more >

Tags: chaing mai, sightseeing, thailand, travel

Photos: Chaing Mai

Monday, 5 Mar 2007 | Photo Gallery

North Thailand
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Photos: Chiang Mai Zoo

Sunday, 4 Mar 2007 | Photo Gallery

Visiting furry animals
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Feb 25: Pai and Scooters

Friday, 2 Mar 2007 | Views [2073]

February 25-March 2, 2007 Our time in Pai was a mixture of making the best of it and some disappointment. The mountains did not lend themselves, we felt, to a great deal of independent trekking, or awe for that matter. It was dry season and there were ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Feb 23-25: Reunions and Karaoke

Sunday, 25 Feb 2007 | Views [1200]

February 23-25, 2007 Leaving Chiang Khong, we took a three hour ride on a local bus to the northern Thailand city of Chiang Rai. I was hoping to see Ajahn Choon, the Thai english teacher I had befriended at the monastery three months previously. ... Read more >

Tags: Friends

Gallery: Pai

Saturday, 24 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

North Thailand
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Feb 21-23: Of Nachos and Optical Retardation

Friday, 23 Feb 2007 | Views [1375]

Chiang Khong February 21-23, 2007 Of Nachos and Optical Retardation After breakfast in Huay Xai, Laos, we packed up and queued through the shoreside visa exit process, hopped on a longboat, crossed the Mekong, got stamped for a Thai visa and ... Read more >

Tags: asia, bamboo guesthouse, chiang khong, huay xai, jib, laos, longboat, mekong, thailand

Gallery: Chiang Rai

Friday, 23 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Chiang Khong

Wednesday, 21 Feb 2007 | Photo Gallery

Crossing from Laos into this border town
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Jan 9-14: Heading North To Laos

Friday, 12 Jan 2007 | Views [1976]

January 9-12, 2007 From Buriram we boarded the train for a quick uncrowded, bench-seated ride to the city of Khorat. We had planned to stay overnight in this city, walking from the train station an hour to our selected hotel. Arriving finally in front ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Gallery: Phimai

Thursday, 11 Jan 2007 | Photo Gallery

Thai city built around ancient ruins
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Jan 5-9: Returning to Thailand... A Breath of Fresh Air

Saturday, 6 Jan 2007 | Views [1163]

January 5, 2007 We left that despairing country of Cambodia and returned to the comparatively thriving country of Thailand. Our trip through the border led us past an inbetween country of casinos and street venders.  Arriving in Thailand ... Read more >

Tags: buriram, ladyboy, mahout, nightclub, singha, thai, thailand, travel, tuk tuk

Quarter year updates from Thailand

Monday, 25 Dec 2006 | Views [2293] | Comments [1]

9/21/2006 Well, as some of you know, I have made the journey to Thailand.  Of course, I turned on the news as I was leaving for the airport to see tanks rolling through Bangkok.  GREAT!!!  But, no worries and the coup has little affected ... Read more >

Tags: bangkok, bungalow, georgetown, koh pha ngan, koh tao, malaysia, nikhon si thammarat, penang, thailand, waterfall

Photos: three months into trip

Friday, 22 Dec 2006 | Photo Gallery

Photos from my first three months in south east asia
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Tags: alone, asia, bangkok, buddha, buddhism, ko tao, monastery, retreat, surat thani, train



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