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My Scholarship entry - The realms of poverty in India

India | Wednesday, 3 July 2013 | 5 photos

I am a science postgraduate from India and a devoted student of photography. My experiments with photography began a decade ago and it helped me appreciate and reinvent myself. In other words photography is a record of my reflections and ideologies about the world.

My passion for photography has always been connected with the way I comprehend the world around me. I like shooting subjects that convey an emotion and carry a message that relates in some elements by everyone. Everything in this world has a story to tell and I try to sketch moments from these stories, preserve it in my perspective and imagery. Being a photographer means observing the world with a creative perception and greater depth to find new anecdotes.

I aspire to become a travel photographer working from all corners of the world in search of better ways to portray human life and spread the sentiment of my vision, experience and appreciation through my images to the world. A photograph that connects with audience boosts my morale and inspires me to do more. I want to be in pursuit of such opportunities around the world and every setback in my way reminds me to try a bit harder, a bit longer and a bit better.

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