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News from Thailand

USA | Thursday, 27 November 2008 | Views [649] | Comments [1]

Sawadee ha everyone! Hello..... Thought I'd drop a note to say hello and we've been watching the news first yesterday about protesters in Bangkok that have shut down the international airport, which we made it out of yesterday before the protests began, and then today about the terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India. It's a shame re the terrorist activity, when will this stop? The protesters may have good reason, I don't know enough about what's going on to say, but it has been peaceful from accounts here. We flew out of the airport at 7:30 pm, so before it was swamped and flights were grounded. But we are good and happy here in Chiang Mai. And from now until we leave we are using trains and buses.

This city has such a good feel and aura about it. There's so much activity and bustle, but everyone we've met, Thai wise, has been happy, smiling, laughing. It's just a chill atmosphere, somehow even with tons of traffic, tourists, tuk tuks, markets and the like. We have decided to tell people we are from Canada because we have had just a little cold- shouldering from Europeans and one Jewish girl from Israel who looked at us like we stank and hadn't bathed in a couple days. And with stuff going on the news, just in case, eh?

So, we have been busy getting massages, about 200baht per hour, or 6 bucks, and toured a few of the many temples here. I was enthralled with the dozens of Buddhist monks meandering around the temple grounds, like it was nothing! Yeah, yeah, I know to them their walking around is normal, but I wanted to follow them, pull up a patch of earth where they were sitting and bask in the glow of their bright orange robes content to listent o them chat and imagine how they are talking about what is wrong with the world that we have terrorists and mayhem bourne from such anger and hatred. Realistically, they would probably be thinking 'what is wrong with this white girl sitting here looking at us stupidly'? So, tonight, we are revisiting a temple where they let us chat up a monk. I have a list of questions.

Phuket, also was a nice time. We were so busy relaxing and playing in the ocean waves, getting massages, that I couldn't bother to email sooner. The only real touristy thing we did was take a boat trip to the James Bond island where scenes from two of the movies was filmed. And with good reason. It was easily some of the most beautiful water and landscape I have seen. Hundreds of fists and fingers of land jutting out of the water covered in green foliage and took a kayak paddle through some caves narrow enough you had to lay down to avoid hitting your head onthe way in until it opened up inside and you felt as if you were in a little pocket of shangrila. Absolutely beautiful. Funny story though, on the boat with us were among many, a couple men from Kuwait we talked alot with, another couple from France, and a group of huge, buff, four men from Austria. They, of course, sounded like Arnold Schwarzen-however you spell that- and were a little intimidated initially just by their sheer size. So, the Hanz and Franz guys turned out to be so fun, laughing, swimming, and all around good natured, great fun to be touring with, guys. On our way back, two of the guys, sans alcohol, got up in front of everyone, and danced for us. It was hilarious watching these huge guys vogue, try a little break dancing, and in all seriousness just enjoyed dancing. It wasn't even for our entertainment, they just wanted to dance. I told Pat, 'I want to go out with THose guys!' We hadn't witnessed something so funny and out of character seeming that it was like watching a live show of Saturday Night Live. Anyway, will write again soon, I'm rambling now and need some food. Take care, and don't worry all is good here and we are far removed from unrest in the country. Cheers, Love, Tami and Pat

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Oh, I was very happy to see this. I had so many people calling and asking if you guys were alright. I'm glad you are having a good time! I'm so jealous!! :)

  Serina Dec 5, 2008 10:05 AM

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