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ZAMBIA | Saturday, 25 October 2008 | Views [809] | Comments [8]

Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve been online!  I’m in Livingstone, Zambia, the home of Victoria Falls and apparent American Tourism Central in Africa.  It’s funny, we’d gone almost a month without hearing an American accent besides our own, and when we arrived here the first guy I hear talking asks, “Have y’all done any activities yet?”  And walking around Victoria Falls, every other tourist there had an American accent.  But I digress…

Well, since my last entry I’ve hung out with some Kalahari Bushmen (and Bushwomen…and a Bushbaby…); chilled on a mokoro (the African equivalent of a gondola); swam in the world’s largest inland delta; had a ‘musical cultural exchange’ around a campfire on an island with a group of young Botswanians; was proposed to by Tubs, the owner of the biggest night club in Maun, Botswana; watched a lion sniff a dead elephant on a game drive through Chobe National Park; took a sunset cruise on the Chobe River; took a sunset cruise with free unlimited alcohol on the Zambezi River; and jumped into the Devil’s Pool, which is the last bit of water before you go hurtling over the edge of Victoria Falls.  Oh, I’ve also become jaded by the site of huge herds of elephants and pods of hippos.  Too much amazing wildlife will do that to you, mind-blowing the first time, boring the 10th time (see photos).  And finally, I said goodbye to most of my fellow tour mates who have traveled with me from Capetown to here, and met my new tour mates who will travel with me from here to Nairobi.  It’s funny, I was pretty wary about booking an organized tour, but in the end (although I guess it’s only half over…) it’s been an amazing experience and I’m going to miss everyone a whole lot.  It’s been great having a group of “like-minded individuals” to hang out with, cook meals with (Go Lions, best cooking team ever!), explore towns with, campout under the stars with, and share the most incredible experiences with.  Continuing on to Nairobi, 5 of us from the original start remain (me, Michelle, Helen from England and her Scottish beau Nick, and my Aussie mo Warren), and we’re being joined by Alyson (Warren’s housemate from Australia), 3 girls who started their tour in Johannesburg (Danielle from Canada (but her accent sounds Irish to me…I guess Calgary is a funny place…), Megan from Australia, and India from the UK), and two sisters from the UK, Harriet and Amy.  Apparently we’re also picking up someone in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, but the details of this mysterious person are unclear.  In any case, it seems like a great group again, heavy on the estrogen, but of the kick-ass-independent-woman-who-camps-out-in-Africa variety.

I should probably go into more depth about the various things I’ve done over the past week or so, but I don’t really feel like it and instead I’m going to post videos and slideshows with detailed information for your viewing enjoyment, which hopefully I'll be able to do because I just paid 50,000 Zambian kwatchas for a whole day of wireless!  Actually, it's only about 12 U.S. dollars, but still, it sounds like a lot.

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What beautiful pictures you are taking. :-)
..and what a wonderful journal. I feel like I am there with you! Thank you so so much for sharing.
You are just the coolest!!!
Much love...
Gail H

  Gail H Oct 25, 2008 9:54 PM


I hate you both.

  Karen Oct 26, 2008 2:09 PM


Judy and I have stories that make our hair stand on end. And we are very fond of watching our hair rise. You are almost rivalling our experiences and we are so proud of you and of what you are doing, especially after finding out how you saved all your money to do this and how impoverished you will be (financially speaking) when you return. But as your venerable mother once told me relating to another topic, "It's only money." We all have a lot to learn from her.

  Volcano Zen Oct 27, 2008 1:44 PM


Yeah, but your money is buying these incredible experiences. It's not how you make it that matters, but how you spend it!!! Thanks for the much awaited blog.

  Sylvia Mom Oct 27, 2008 2:44 PM


Oh, and forgot to mention - I'm not so sure about having a son-in-law named Tubs.

  Sylvia Mom Oct 27, 2008 4:00 PM


So it is now Tuesday here and we are all in a national neurotic swirl(swill?? )with the coming presidential election. I wonder how it is (or isn't ) playing out over there. Your blog is magnifique(!!!) So many phots photos...thank you for bringing us along for the ride. Sounds like you are meeting and experiencing some amazing people on this life-changing trip (and they are experiencing the same with you) Cheers and a hug ---Aunt Lynn

  Aunt Lynn Oct 29, 2008 6:09 AM


My god, Sylvia! You have a future in documentary film-making of crazy people. You have it all - timing, visuals, and especially the sounds & music! All, cut the link and paste and be amazed!
And here's where to go to find all the other youtube videos from Sylvia http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=syliaiko&aq=f

  Sylvia Mom Oct 30, 2008 3:04 AM


hello sylvia's mom!

i enjoy your posts almost as much as sylvia's blog. :)
and i agree, she has a future in documentary film-making. the transitions are pretty exquisite, and so far i've cried twice while watching!


  caroline Nov 12, 2008 7:06 AM

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