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Travel Stories of Steve Goodyear

About stevegoodyear

I love adventures exploring new places, interesting scenes, and remarkable experiences; and I get such delight out of capturing these perfect moments and stimulating sights in a picture that conveys the feeling, the mood, the essence of the experience in a single frame.

It fuels my pleasure and my passion when I get to share these experiences with others so they too can experience what I experienced, see what I saw, and feel what I felt.

Some other things I tend to enjoy in life include:
  • feeling the freedom of the road riding my motorcycle along the coast;
  • being at one with powder snowboarding down a mountain;
  • feeding my curiosity exploring a new and different town;
  • letting my imagination wander appreciating someone's creativity;
  • creating smiles and fun having beers or coffees with friends;
  • getting lost in fantasy watching a movie or reading an intense book;
  • exploring life growing interesting plants in my garden and balcony;
  • and reconnecting with nature and simple pleasures sitting around a camp fire while camping in the wilderness somewhere.

My Travel Map: