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My Scholarship entry - Culion, The Former Leper Colony

Philippines | Saturday, 12 January 2013 | 4 photos

I have come to understand that the world is like a classroom and each place is a unique teacher. Sometimes it gives hard lessons; tests and pop quizzes. I found that travel is like going to college, but instead your experiencing what the world really is. I started going on solo trips in the middle of last year to shoot the landscapes and scenes in my country,but each photo just lead to a question.

"Was this shot worth taking?"

This question drove me deeper into my photography; I've learned to communicate and immerse myself in each strange land I go to. Filling my mind and heart with all the stories that would make each shot worth taking and how each frame becomes a story worth sharing.

I admit I've learned from my mistakes and each step I take in this world has taught me something and I still have so much to learn and understand. I still lack the technical skills and experience to conquer the challenges that travel photography can bring. With my passion for learning and travelling , I believe that if considered, this scholarship will be an enjoyable and valuable experience.

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