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Eiffel Tower and surrounds

FRANCE | Friday, 21 July 2017 | Views [528] | Comments [2]

Freshly showered and sunscreened up we decided to go for a walk to see what we could find- 16km on a 36 degree day is what we ended up doing!
Using the photos of the map as our guide we made our way over to the banks of the Seine, and followed it all the way up to crossover the bridge before the Eiffel tower. Watched a very professional photo shoot taking place on the bridge, then took our own selfies and crossed to the other side. Found some locks on the bridge on the way....some people still keeping the tradition alive (albeit on a different bridge).
Breakfast on the plane was a distant memory by now, so we stopped for lunch at possible the most tourist designed cafe in Paris. Tried to blend into the crowd with a jug of coke that Andrew ordered and a croque monsuier for me. It was delicious (if somewhat pricey)- Andrew's 4 cheese pizza was the standout order.
Continued on our walk with the waves of people headed towards the Eiffel tower. Repelled all attempts to sell us souvenirs and arrived at the base of the tower- so, so huge in comparison to our expectations from looking at pictures, seeing movies etc. We navigated our way around the whole base to see different angles then set off down the Champ de Mars so we could look back up towards the tower. Not quite quick enough to look unfriendly to the people selling 'friendship bracelets'- well actually I was looking unfriendly but Andrew got drawn into the spiel. Obviously he looks super friendly and approachable! Extracted ourselves and continued on the way down the Champ de Mars- looking much more dusty than we imagined. The heat and lack of sleep caught up with me a bit, so we stopped to rest in the shade and watched Parisians sunbaking in the park, people carrying their dogs in baby carriers and numerous attempts for people taking pictures of themselves and others with their finger on the top of the point of the tower (and every other pose imaginable).
Reached the end and turned to retrace our steps homeward (back up the other side this time and stopping to take our own photos of course).
Walked back down the other side of the Seine this time, pausing to reflect at the monument to commenerate the war crimes commited against the Jews in the war in Paris, then crossed back over the river to the rear of the mini Statue of Liberty. Too hot and worn out to loop around to see her face though- will have to do another day. Back to the hotel to catch up on some sleep with an afternoon nap. Andrew meanwhile located the closest Dominios pizza for a quick and easy dinner, so we trotted off down the road in the still very light evening to find it. Enjoyed our pizza while watching Tin Tin (in French), then it was lights out in Paris for us!

(photos to come when internet connection allows)



French tin tin ! Could you understand it?💗💗

  Chops Jul 21, 2017 7:41 AM


I think it's weird that people carry their dogs in baby carriers. What if they already have a baby? What will they do then? I miss you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. With all my loooooooooooovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeee Alice

  alice Jul 21, 2017 7:14 PM

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