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Australia | Wednesday, 3 July 2013 | 5 photos

Photography is as much a passion as a way to express my other passions in life. A love of travel and adventure, a compassionate nature and an interest in promoting social issues has seen me develop quite a niche as a volunteer photographer in capturing the stories of real people and places around the world.
I once met a little girl in Cambodia who was orphaned at a young age, yet had the most beautiful twinkle in her eyes. Aptly, her name was Chornigh, the sparkle in diamonds in Khmer. This is what my photography aspires to be: finding the extraordinary in the ordinary; capturing those simple moments that add the chornigh to everyday life. I want every single person regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or social status to believe they have that magical moment just waiting to be captured through my photography. Beauty is in the eye of the viewfinder.
Largely a self-taught photographer without any formal qualifications, Jason’s guidance would mean a lot both in technical and personal development as a photographer. I am eager to develop myself as a documentary photographer and gain an insight into the world of a professional photographer that no amount of Google can ever provide

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