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Day of the Dead, Mexico City

My Photo scholarship 2011 entry

Worldwide | Tuesday, 8 November 2011 | 5 photos

Mexico is a country known for its parties and traditional celebrations. The "Day of the Dead" is a celebration held for those who have gone before us, where people remember their loved ones by decorating their tombs with flowers, hearing music that they liked, and "spending the day" with their dead.

My photos reflect the passion I have for living, ironically contrasting with my theme. Flowers have always been a symbol of life, and when I see people offering life to death I can't help but think of the clash of two separate worlds coming together every year on November 2nd.

Through my pictures I want to show the world how Mexico is a country full of life, of little flowers hidden in different little things every single day. I would like to open the doors of my country to people all over the world through my photographs and invite them over to find out their own flowers to take back home.

I would love to discover South Africa through the eyes of a camera lens, and learn from an expert how to improve and become a better photographer. Traveling has always been my favorite activity for as long as i can remember, and if going on such an adventure will help improve the way I see the world, then what better way than to do it with Jason Edwards learning how to take amazing pictures in an amazing country.

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