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Are we tourists or travelers?

TURKEY | Friday, 27 June 2014 | Views [469]

Selfie with Gamze

Selfie with Gamze

We have just ended two wonderful, jam packed, tiring, exhilarating, informative whirl wind days with Gamze Artaman. She is one of the most interesting, fun, knowledgeable people we have ever met. She brought to us a view of the modern Turkish people, the history of many empires, linguistics, culture, tradition, music an much, much more. 

Most importantly, we connected with her. She is quite spiritual and has converted to Sufism in the last couple of years. We talked a lot about the "all you need is love" philosophy, about her travels and ours, her family and ours, the tolerance of the Turkish people and ours, etc. one thing we truly shared was how vitally important travel is. To not only 'see' the world but immerse yourself in it. To that end, I would like to share with you a translation she gave me that describes the difference between a "tourist" and a "traveler." I can only aspire to become a traveler! Thank you Gamze! We love you too!

here is the quote: 

Traveller takes his soul to where he goes... Traveling is an experience ro enrichen his soul, a move to turn towards himself...
Whereas a tourist is just a consumer... He would penetrate neither into cities, nor people... Neither to voices nor faces... Would walk around in the safest areas, would never sacrifice his comfort...
A traveller will give up his comfort and open up his naked self to new experiences... In an envirionment where a language he does not know is spoken, in streets he's not familiar with, he's the one looking for his own soul... He would not take pictures or shoot videos just to show his friends but in his mouth (on his tongue?) at the end of each trip, he will have stories to tell... stories, most of the time, of people... 
What matters is NOT to arrive but to be on the road... To be able to inhale into yr lungs the exceptional things that the road brings...
To be able to go into the back streets.... To breathe the temples.... To chat with the local people in their own cafes.. To smoke with them...to feel full with their food... The traveller is the one who is there.... The body of The tourist can physically be there however his soul will still be in (with?) the comfort of his home.. His mind will still be on his home... 
While listening to some music or a mass, watching a monument at sunrise, If you r able to place yr heart next to your borthers&sisters of that place, you r a traveller... You want to get closer to those stories, you want to listen to those stories... As u feel like they feel, you become richer... as you get to know them better, you supplement yr missing, incomplete parts,,, JUST LIKE LIFE... Life should also be experienced like a travel not like a tourist trip... Not by taking pictures but by adding to the moment, being the children of the moment... Living the pleasure of the moment to its end, by seizing the day.. (Carpe Diem!:) )... By being there as the life flows away.. By opening the windows of yr heart to new experiences and emotions... By walking the back streets... By greeting people... By being greeted by them... 


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