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Crying for the "Bad Guy"

GERMANY | Tuesday, 19 Aug 2014 | Views [1371]

My tour guide made me cry today. Not an uncontrollable sob, like when I said goodbye to my fiancé at the airport for four more months apart, but a heart-wrenching painful stream of tears that I could not fight back. I was thankful for sunglasses ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, germany, history, mistakes, sides, wall

East Side Gallery: Who Gets a Voice?

GERMANY | Sunday, 17 Aug 2014 | Views [1011]

Perhaps Thomas and Karine are both descendants of survivors, high school sweet hearts, or simply Berlin lovers. But does who they are even matter? Does their heritage, talent, or popularity deny or grant them a voice? That was the question I asked ... Read more >

Tags: berlin, berlin wall, expression, hope, street art, symbolism, voice

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