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Trip: Poland/Belated Honeymoon

There are [2] stories from my trip: Poland/Belated Honeymoon

Pain Fuels Life

POLAND | Tuesday, 30 Sep 2014 | Views [1610] | Comments [1]

When we first began planning our trip to Poland, most advice came in two categories. Both residents and travelers alike either recommended Warsaw or Krakow as the best city. Warsaw fans claimed Krakow was dull and touristy, while Krakow lovers were convinced ... Read more >

Tags: heartbreak, leaving, life, pain, poland, poznan

Minor Miners

POLAND | Tuesday, 30 Sep 2014 | Views [838]

We were heeded not to wander off on our own, as we would quickly become lost and die. Briefed on how to use our carbon monoxide absorbers in case of a fire in the mine, we were also informed if there was an emergency, our absorbers would last ... Read more >

Tags: dark, miners, mines, poland, salt, tunnels