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Trip: Morelia

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Gallery: Cousin's Wedding

USA | Tuesday, 18 Nov 2008 | Photo Gallery

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USA | Sunday, 26 Oct 2008 | Views [407] | Comments [2]

I think that most people who know me have come to realize that I find a lot of things about life funnier than most people. The world honestly cracks me up a large percentage of the time which, as it turns out, helps a ton when you’re living in a foreign ... Read more >

Mexico D.F.

USA | Sunday, 26 Oct 2008 | Views [257] | Comments [1]

Hello, I just got back from a very tiring trip to Mexico City. It was an amazing weekend!! We left at 5:30am on Friday, piling into a bus for the 4.5 hr trip. I made myself at home on the floor and slept for the majority of the drive. I must say that ... Read more >


USA | Sunday, 26 Oct 2008 | Views [207] | Comments [1]

Hey,     How’s everybody doing? My life is still going well... the rainy season ended, so it’s back to sunny and semi-warm for me. Not a bad climate to spend the beginning of winter in.     It’s almost 10pm now and I’m really tired, which leads me to ... Read more >


MEXICO | Sunday, 26 Oct 2008 | Views [210]

Why hello, So this is my apology for not being able to upload this blog more often. For whatever reason the internet/my computer and the blog website have NOT been liking each other very much lately. I think that I have figured it out, and will be able ... Read more >

Gallery: Random Morelia Pictures

USA | Wednesday, 22 Oct 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Mexico City

USA | Wednesday, 22 Oct 2008 | Photo Gallery

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My life in Morelia

USA | Monday, 22 Sep 2008 | Views [406] | Comments [3]

    Bueno (which is how everybody here answers the phone. It’s probably not correct to start out a letter that way, but I’m a rebel. Haha),                          So I've been here for over two weeks and a LOT of things have happened during that time.... Read more >

Independence Day

USA | Tuesday, 16 Sep 2008 | Views [444] | Comments [2]

                          The 16th of September is independence day in Mexico. As I wrote before, it’s a really fun month to be here. Everybody is very happy and proud to be Mexican. Which is an interesting phenomenon in itself. I was born and raised ... Read more >

Gallery: First Excursion

USA | Saturday, 13 Sep 2008 | Photo Gallery

Tzintzuntzan, Patzcuaro and Santa Clara del Cobre
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First Excursion

USA | Saturday, 13 Sep 2008 | Views [210]

On Saturday the 13th (or first full weekend here) we spent the day in three towns near Morelia; Patzcuaro, Tzintzunzan, and Santa Clara de Cobre (cobre is Spanish for copper). I took a TON of pictures, so sorry about that. I know that there’s a lot ... Read more >

First Couple Days...

USA | Tuesday, 9 Sep 2008 | Views [244]

Hola...    So yesterday was the next in a long line of big days: when I met my teachers, AHA organizers, and (most importantly) the rest of the girls in my program. Since I didn’t know where I was going at all my Mom took the combi to school with ... Read more >

I'm In Mexico!!!

USA | Monday, 8 Sep 2008 | Views [198] | Comments [1]

Hello! So I made it to Mexico, which in itself is a pretty cool fact. It was a super long day traveling, but everything went pretty smooth. I didn't sit next to anybody either flight and so spent the time making up for the fact I had only slept two ... Read more >