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THAILAND | Sunday, 26 August 2007 | Views [378] | Comments [1]

Dogs are everywhere. They run in packs of three and up and can be seen sleeping under trucks, in the road, around the Wats, and any place there is shade. I learned the other night that they are around for a reason too. Twice times I've been chased by them, and once warned. I was coming home the other night and decided to take the side streets over the main road. I got a little turned around and ended up passing the same Wat twice.

On the first go I thought of stopping to look through the gate but didn't. As I passed there were several dogs sleeping by the road and someone was out. I smiled and kept going. Twenty minutes later when I returned I stopped. I pulled up to the gate and immediately a dog started to growl. My first mistake was ignoring the warning. A few more dogs started to growl and as I turned to ride away three dogs got up and made there way towards me.

I had about 100 meters before I was off the street and needed every bit of that space to get away from them. They are faster than their scrawny bodies let on. I had one dog at each heel barking and reaching out to snap at my feet, and one trailing very close behind. They stopped just as I reached the end of the road and turned around. Clint had actually warned me to not ride around the side streets at night because of the dogs, but I had not been thinking about it. Clint is a smart man.

Taking photos has been a challenge for the dog reason too. Today I got chased by one dog, or more or less chapperoned to the end of his street when I attempted to stop and take a picture. I played a game today and decided to only make my way around the city via narrow streets off the more frequented roads. After more than two weeks of riding everywhere I don't get turned around easily so it was fun to wander.

The rainy season is in full swing now and when the sun is out I make sure to spend every minute of that time outside. I've been soaked several times getting caught in a downpour. I carry two plastic bags everywhere now--one for the camera, and one to cover my bag. And then I have a poncho that I bought at 7-11 for less than a dollar.

Yes, there are 7-11's everywhere here. You can also buy Johny Walker Black and Red there too.

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This happened to me in Guatemala, too. I was hiking with a few people from the language school and some feral dogs started chasing us. I had no idea how frightening that could be. A guy in our group got them to back off by throwing rocks at them -- I was too timid to try that, and worried that it would only provoke them further, but it actually worked.

Be careful!

  Emily Aug 27, 2007 11:42 PM

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