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Bikes and Sawngthaews

THAILAND | Sunday, 26 August 2007 | Views [413] | Comments [1]

The other night Jo Jo and I hitched a ride with a Sawngthaew (Truck Taxi) by bike. These are Toyota size pick-up that have shells over the truck beds. Eight people can fit inside. Around the perimeter of the truck are side railings and two ladders on the back for storage on top.

Jo Jo and I were waiting at a light and one pulled up to the right. Jo Jo was in front of me and he looked back and then at the truck to hold on. So with the left hand I held my bike and the right grabbed the side railing. We were on busy road so to go as fast as traffic was quite exhillerating. To simultaneously keep my bike steady, a safe distance from Jo Jo's back tire inches in front of mine, the back tire of the truck, and watching the road was a serious test of my bike skills. The truck driver was having so much fun with us too! He would swerve wide enough to clear any road obstacles so that we could continue the ride. We managed to go from the base of the mountains all the back into the area close to Old Town.

Jo Jo was shocked that I had never done that before. Well, once in New York for the minute I was a bike messenger. He said in France he does it all of the time. That and riding two to one bike, which is another thing I had not done until a few weeks ago. It's really not as impressive as what the locals do with scooters here. Three to four on one scooter is pretty common. I love seeing the family's: Mom, Dad, baby in the baby seat made for a scooter in front, and one more child sandwiched between the parents.

Or the date version is pretty amazing too. The women wearing skirts sit side saddle on the back, balanced perfectly. Sometimes she will have her legs crossed and the high heel will dangle. That, I love to see.

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ooooh! i'm way jealous. i've never skitched but have thought about it tons of times. and imagining a manhattan driver that would actually be excited about it is hard to do...

  maxwell Aug 26, 2007 11:45 PM

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