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The innate restlessness of Rick. If it is toward the disorganised, ridiculous, beautiful, unpredictable, fun and completely random that you find yourself drawn then you may find my stories worth a read. My adventures usually consist of epic, less then thought through road trips often spanning thousands of kilometers. I consistently cross paths with remarkable people of all persuasions and vocations. I visit beautiful places, some famous, some infamous but most stumbled upon while in my usual state of erratic wandering or while just plain lost. One thing is certain; my of harum-scarum stories will be completely random and probably have you setting off on you own disorganized missions, much to your own eventual elation, enlightenment and evil.


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The Boat, cont..

AUSTRALIA | Sunday, 2 Jul 2006 | Views [603]

The experiences over the past-unidentified amount of time changed my memory into the likeness of a dream I had just woken up from. I couldn’t quite place it but I felt it must be important and worth a bit of time at least trying to recover. ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

The Boat.

AUSTRALIA | Saturday, 1 Jul 2006 | Views [522]

The beautiful, soft light of dawn filtering through the pupils of my eyes only to bounce off my unusually sensitive retinas with all the gentleness, politeness and consideration for my comfort as a Guantanamo questionnaire found my consciousness ... Read more >

Tags: Adventures

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