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The innate restlessness of Rick. If it is toward the disorganised, ridiculous, beautiful, unpredictable, fun and completely random that you find yourself drawn then you may find my stories worth a read. My adventures usually consist of epic, less then thought through road trips often spanning thousands of kilometers. I consistently cross paths with remarkable people of all persuasions and vocations. I visit beautiful places, some famous, some infamous but most stumbled upon while in my usual state of erratic wandering or while just plain lost. One thing is certain; my of harum-scarum stories will be completely random and probably have you setting off on you own disorganized missions, much to your own eventual elation, enlightenment and evil.

About rickysick

I love the Ocean; surfing, sailing and diving. I love surprises and change. I love adventures; the constant tug on my soul, asking what is around the next headland, the next bend or even the next suburb. I love to write, I love to read. Most of all I love people; old friends, new friends, people like me and people who stretch my opinions and beliefs. I just love living.