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Grandma Gwendoline would have loved, some of it.....

ARGENTINA | Wednesday, 1 Dec 2010 | Views [380]

From leavng the cold and wintry south of Argentina, I was heading north towards the metropolis of Buenos Aires, where I had been promised leafy streets and hot weather.  But I had a 24hr stopover in a costal town called Puerto Madryn.  I flew in Trelew ... Read more >

F**k me its FREEZING!

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 28 Nov 2010 | Views [421]

Another flight, this time to the near the end of Argentina to El Calafate. Walking out of the airport and 50m to the minibus in howling wind and spitting rain didn’t endear me to this place at all. Arriving at the hostel, in a small and appearingly ... Read more >

Excuse me, is this Switzerland??

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 28 Nov 2010 | Views [349]

Well, I have never been on a saga holiday, until now.   My advertised multi-trek to the glaciar on Tronador Mountain was more a Judith Chalmers bus trip with a variety of Spaniards who smelt of sugared almonds.   During the 10 hour trip, we ... Read more >

Vino Vino Vino..............

ARGENTINA | Sunday, 21 Nov 2010 | Views [381]

Hello Argentina.  Any country that considers 600grams (well over half a kilo) to be the recommended portion size for a steak and serves it alongside a 900ml bottle of beer is ok in my book.  For those that have previously queried my preferred portion ... Read more >

Bowler Hat Bolivia

BOLIVIA | Friday, 19 Nov 2010 | Views [414]

Alongside a Czech couple I met on the Inka Trail, I decided to fly into the capital of Bolivia, La Paz, and avoid the customs on the land border.  This was great in concept, but going through customs I had my hand luggage searched.  The extremely overstaffed ... Read more >

Inka Trail Treck to Macchu Picchu

PERU | Monday, 15 Nov 2010 | Views [326]

The Trek to Macchu Picchu.  It has to be my highlight to date.  Tough, challenging but with the best group I could ever have hoped for.  I have to admit the Inkas also contributed somewhat to the total amazement I found myself in about 50 times per day.... Read more >

Waiting for Macchu Picchu....

PERU | Sunday, 14 Nov 2010 | Views [273]

With a couple of days to kill in Cusco before i set off on a 4 day  trek to Macchu Picchu, I decided to take it easy, and head round Cusco´s Inka sites on horseback. I was joined by two Belgians, who arrived late, so I was left with a 12 yr old boy on ... Read more >

Easy Forward....

PERU | Wednesday, 3 Nov 2010 | Views [342] | Comments [1]

7am arrival at the rafting place.  Luckily, the company I booked with, which i subsequently discovered had an awful reputation, didnt have enough people to run a trip, so they put me into another companies.  Relieved, i boarded the bus with the other ... Read more >

Inca Cities of Gold...

PERU | Sunday, 31 Oct 2010 | Views [448] | Comments [1]

Flying into Cusco and making it to the Pariwana Hostel was pretty straight forward.  An old nobles house with a central square and all the rooms on the first floor looking in on the internal garden.  I had been put in with 5 israeli guys, who were all ... Read more >

Landing in Lima

PERU | Friday, 29 Oct 2010 | Views [350]

This is the first flight i have ever taken when someone has actually attempted to light up in the toilets half way through a rather mediocre 12 hour flight.  This KLM flight landed without going up in smoke, and I walked through customs to man with a ... Read more >

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