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HONG KONG | Friday, 17 April 2009 | Views [712] | Comments [2]

If you're looking for something to spend your tax rebate on this year, please consider The Beverly Hills, a condo community overlooking the Tai Po Coast in Hong Kong. It's your ticket to unlimited access to a race-car track just a hop, skip and a jump from your front door. You'll also have The Forest (a miniature version of Disneyland), Audio/Visual Delight (your own private theater with top-of-the-line, full body massaging recliners) and the Kings Paradise (wine, cigars and pool) at your finger tips. These luxurious amenities are all free with the purchase of your 1.7 million dollar condominium purchase.

Wouldn't it be a fabulous story if I told you that The Beverly Hills was my residence for my 2+ week adventure in Hong Kong?! Nah, there wouldn't be anything to write about besides my morning swims in the infinity pool (overlooking the coast) and my circuit work out in the exercise kingdom (where each machine is paired with a televised tutorial on how to properly use the machine). And that would just be a dull reading experience for my audience. Why would I put you all through such a thing?

Obviously, The Beverly Hills made a lasting impression. I'd never seen anything like it. It was the most luxuriously detailed residence I've seen in my life and would put the Street of Dreams to shame. Even the garages in these condos were fit for a king. 2 walls of golden mirrors and fancy ornaments and a security camera to match. The 3 hours that I spent exploring the grounds was more than enough time to capture the details for this entry. I was in Hong Kong to experience Hong Kong, not an adult's fairytale.

My actual accommodations in Hong Kong didn't include any of the amenities listed above, but they were still luxurious for my standards. I stayed with my friend, Justina, and her mother in a beautiful condo propped up in the Middle Levels of Hong Kong. I had my very own room, with my very own bed, and my very own window seat that looked out to a 16 story view the hills. The backpacking days were gone. My bath towels and bedsheets were washed regularly, along with my bags and bags of dirty clothes. Every morning there was a cup of instant coffee waiting for me along with fruits, pastries, noodles.... My friend had the sweetest live-in maids who took great care of me, although it was an uncomfortable feeling having people wait on me and I'm not sure it will ever be introduced to my lifestyle. They also had their personal driver who picked me up from the airport and chauffeured us around in style to our nightly destinations.

Oooops, did I also mention that this adjustment of my lavish lifestyle in Hong Kong was courtesy of Justina's mother's celebrity status? It was always a trip walking into a restaurant with Auntie Nancy. Heads would turn, people would smile, wave and wish her a healthy recovery (she had been sick before my arrival). We were often escorted to a private back room at the restaurant to avoid the crowds and pose for a few snapshots from the server's cell phones. She loved the attention and was always so kind to her fans. It was a riot being an accessory to a star in Hong Kong and it provided a very rare and unique Hong Kong experience.

I snacked in the studio's cafeteria, climbed an Ancient Chinese castle on one of the outdoor sets and witnessed a filming of Auntie Nancy's popular soap opera. I was surrounded by Hong Kong celebrities in the dressing rooms and on the sets but had no idea who these people were. I'm sure the locals would have gone crazy being in my shoes, but how was I supposed to appreciate their fame? I was a foreigner.

The glam and the fame was brushed off to the side once I ventured off on my own. Hong Kong was so much more than luxury condos and television studios. I wanted to experience the food, street markets, botanical gardens, fountains, outdoor escalators, shopping malls, fishing villages, film festivals, skyline lazer light show, hikes and one of the highest levels of public transportation in the world. There was a lot of ground to cover in two weeks, but I had a plan to do it all...



Thanks for the info!
I'm leaving next Thursday for Hong Kong for 7 days then off to Thailand for 2 months ...
I have a few questions I would love to ask you since you were just there...
please email me if you read this.
I have a cell phone question and am looking for a few tips on the best places you stayed in Pattaya, Ko Samui, Phuket or Bangkok .... we ARE on a budget so .. any help would be great ..
Your writings are great! keep em coming :)

  Jeremy R May 9, 2009 6:14 AM


Hey, great article! That condo community sounds amazing! I checked out its website after reading this and it looks unbelievably fantastic. I bet you have to be super rich to live in a place like that. Before I read your article, I thought everyone in Hong Kong lives in tall apartment buildings. I've never seen a development like that, and I live in Miami! I mean, a race-car track? A mini-Disneyland for kids? That's crazy! What I really love is the infinity pool. We have a lot of those, mostly in hotels, and they're fantastic. And the condos themselves look so cool. I really like the streets. It looks like something out of a fairy tale. I can't imagine how cool it would be to grow up in a place like that!

  Chris Peck Jun 7, 2009 3:39 AM

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