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To the Greatest Traveling Companion...my scarf

THAILAND | Saturday, 7 March 2009 | Views [804] | Comments [2]

Yes, that may be a little odd considering my scarf hardly responds to my quirky comments, but it has been at my side through a majority of my travels here in Thailand. It's the best dollar I've ever spent. My bandana's life began at some textile factory somewhere in SE Asia...and fully matured on it's way to KaoSan Road, one of the hottest tourist destinations in Bangkok. KaoSan is a shopper's dream. Full of gadgets, tshirts, food, people, bars, and...my scarf. I first purchased it thinking it was going to be my one and only fashion accessory, but was clearly mistaken. This simple square piece of clothing has been my warmth in the subzero temperatures in the malls and transportation, a blanket, wash cloth, hand towel, skirt for the temples (once I make my way there) and today, it served the greatest purpose of all...an extra strap to secure my shoulder bag on my back during a motor scooter escapade. Thank you my precious scarf for always being at my side! I'll keep you all informed on future uses.

I spent a total of six days in Bangkok, much too long if you ask me. It was well worth staying the extra few days considering I got to meet up with a few friends from the past. As silly as this sounds, my favorite place in Bangkok is the most superficial...it's Hotel Lebua/State Tower. One of the most incredible sights in the skyline. It's fresh white exterior is glittered with semi circle balconies...for 50 floors. Set on top, a gold dome, which is also home to the skybar. 360 degree view of the city. Spectacular. Unfortunately, I've only had the luxury of seeing this during the day but will be venturing back in a few weeks to experience the after hours.

I parted ways with the pollution and congestion and headed up north to Chang Mai last night via train. These trains are brilliant. They convert into bunk beds in the evening, include AC, nice linens, excellent service and great company. A friendly German man approached me before the train left the station and began complaining about his mistake to not book first class. He was somewhat of a pompous asshole, but I figured he would humor me for a few minutes. He didn't leave...so, I made up some crazy excuse to brush my teeth and never returned. I ran into a group of 3 Amereicans (from Boston) who were living in Chang Mai and had some helpful insights. Not only were they informative, but it tops my random encounters with strangers. I am actually meeting up with them this evening for a beverage or two :).

Today has been full of surprises...of course. I checked into my hotel in the am hours after my 14 hour train ride, locked up my stuff and walked into the city. I would like to think that I have a good sense of direction, but I always have to confirm, especially now that I'm on my own in a foreign city for the first 2 hours of my visit. I was getting a little frustrated since I hadn't seen a single tourist on my journey to the city...but then, a miracle! 2 girls walking out of their guest house. I pounced...(well...not really) I asked if I was heading in the right direction, they say yes...and soon, we started chatting. The two girls were from Israel! Just my luck. And...to make this even more of a solo traveler's dream, they were meeting up with some Americans for lunch! Blah, blah, blah...no need to expand on the connections...it's just incredible how close you can get with somebody in 15 minutes while traveling. Unbelievable.

The Americans that I met for lunch had a day trip planned to see some natural park about an hour from the city, so I joined them...on a motor scooter. Probably one of the scariest things I have done this year, but I conquered it! The nature park was beautiful, but I still believe that Oregon tops the charts in that category. It's harder for me to appreciate natural beauty when Forest Park is my standard. A camp fire, coke's with the locals and a bbq later, I find myself here, updating my journal. This is only a fraction of my experience, but I had to write something. Must continue on with my night. A huge party awaits :)

ps...please disregard my spelling errors...blaming this one on the banana shake



I love reading your stories, keep them coming. I am so happy for you. I also feel inspired to take my own adventure.


  aubrey Mar 7, 2009 4:24 AM


I'm enjoying so much hearing about your travels. It's reminding me of my 27th year touring around Europe - glorious times. Keep writing.

  Cheri Mar 7, 2009 4:58 AM

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