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The Intrepid Adventurizing

Moving On

MALAYSIA | Friday, 21 May 2010 | Views [366]

This is my last week in Malaysia - I'm off to Phi Phi at the beginning of June, and from there hopefully into Vietnam and Laos. It's been a really interesting time here in GT, I've definitely learned soooooo much about life, the universe and everything, ... Read more >

Life in George Town

THAILAND | Friday, 23 Apr 2010 | Views [386]

So I've been here for just over a month now, and definitely enjoying it.  George Town is fab. It's got a huge concentration of people living in it, and it's definitely very busy, but it feels safe and welcoming, and it smells amazing from all the incense ... Read more >

Hello Penang!

THAILAND | Tuesday, 23 Mar 2010 | Views [326]

So after a fairly epic journey down here (night bus to BKK, hours at Hualamphong Train Station, 24 hour train journey to Butterworth involving a border crossing and some rather loud snoring from the men next to me, ferry across to Penang), I finally ... Read more >

Bye Mae Sot!

THAILAND | Thursday, 18 Mar 2010 | Views [628]

Soooo Alice is not longer coming travelling with me, so it seems I’m on my own for a while until people maybe turn up in Indonesia this July. I’ve decided to head down to Penang in Malaysia where a friend of Olly’s (thank you a million times Olly!) ... Read more >

Photos: Thailand

THAILAND | Wednesday, 27 Jan 2010 | Photo Gallery

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THAILAND | Wednesday, 27 Jan 2010 | Views [403]

I had to do my visa run last weekend so Tania and I popped over the border here in Mae Sot to Myawaddy, which turned out to be actually an awesome day. We grabbed a kind of rickshaw, which was basically just a wooden cart with half a bike ... Read more >

More Mae Sot

THAILAND | Tuesday, 19 Jan 2010 | Views [532]

Hello all, Sorry it's been a while, having issues uploading photos from my camera and feeling that I can't write without visuals for some reason! Maybe because my memories are blurred from all the whiskey...?! The holidays here ... Read more >

Merry Christmas everyone

THAILAND | Thursday, 24 Dec 2009 | Views [479] | Comments [1]

I'm just about to head back to Mae Sot after spending 4 days in Chiang Mai enjoying air conditioning, HBO, hot showers and lots of Western food. Yumski. And a good way to recover from a whiskey-filled weekend. It was Vrouyr's last few days volunteering ... Read more >

Um Phang and Mae La Refugee Camp

THAILAND | Thursday, 17 Dec 2009 | Views [1490]

So it's been quite an action packed week...I went to Um Phang for the weekend with 4 other volunteers, which is a four hour Songtaew ride South from here (along what used to be called the Death Road apparently, but it's not that bad any more!) ... Read more >

Mosquito Killer

THAILAND | Thursday, 10 Dec 2009 | Views [660]

Hi all, I've now moved into the room above the Burma Issues office, and spend my days drinking disgustingly sweet instant coffee and keeping my ear to the ground in an impressively journalistic manner. I've been finishing off a story the last girl ... Read more >

Intrepidly in...Mae Sot

THAILAND | Wednesday, 2 Dec 2009 | Views [633]

So I've left Alice (weep) at possibly the worst hostel in the world, it was literally like being in the film Hostel, there were no windows and the entire block was made of concrete, and we were the only guests. However we'd had an amazing hostel-run ... Read more >

The Intrepid Travels Begin

MALAYSIA | Saturday, 28 Nov 2009 | Views [943] | Video

It probably doesn’t seem that long since I left, but Alice and I have packed so much into the last 2 weeks that it seems like a lifetime ago to me already! I’m currently sitting in a lovely guesthouse in Mae Sot (North-West Thailand, just near Myawadi), ... Read more >

Gallery: Borneo

MALAYSIA | Saturday, 28 Nov 2009 | Photo Gallery

Mainly Mabul Island and Kota Kinabalu
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