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Hiroshima bounced back gracefully

NETHERLANDS | Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011 | Views [1621] | Comments [1]

Hiroshima. August 6th. It’s 8.15 am in the year of 1945. Not a cloud in the sky. People are ready to start their day. Suddenly…the city is shaken up by a tremendous explosion, followed by an intense blaze of fire that destroys everything – and that ... Read more >

Tags: atomic bomb, hiroshima, japan, peace memorial park

Sumo wrestling explained: do you know how to Sumo?

NETHERLANDS | Tuesday, 5 Apr 2011 | Views [46735] | Comments [3]

Sumo wrestling: national sport of Japan Sumo is one of the many unique things Japan is known for. It is a fast, powerful and technical contact sport between two people in a ring. Seeing it for the first time can be a thrilling but confusing experience ... Read more >

Tags: japan, sumo, wrestling

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