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Anywhere but the UK Almost three years of saving and hard work since graduation have culminated in this trip. My inspiration has come from reading inumerable atlas's and watching the quality output of the BBC ever since I was a kid. My route has changed in it's scope and length since my orignial ideas. The theme however,remains the same: to get beyond the shores of our tiny island and to experience and explore the world beyond. Oh and to have a good time and not work for six months!


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Goodbye India

Saturday, 21 Apr 2007 | Views [693] | Comments [1]

Six weeks and three days and we are heading out of India : the last ten of those days have been mostly uneventful!  Having arrived in Goa  last Wednesday at the back of a two-day train ride I was exhausted.  Indulging in my first steak dinner of the ... Read more >

Tags: Beaches & sunshine

Gallery: Goa

Friday, 20 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Goin' a Goa

Thursday, 12 Apr 2007 | Views [531]

Gagging to transplant the dusty, urban heat of northern India for the tropical heat of Goa we sheltered in the air conditioned comfort of the first class lounge, awaiting the arrival of the 32 hour-long Golden Temple Mail to Mumbai.   At around 8PM ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

45 Minutes of Hate

Monday, 9 Apr 2007 | Views [531]

Coming down from the mountains was a big shock.  After two weeks of basking in temperatures around the low to mid 20s, reminiscent of summer back home, we had arrived in the dusty, dirty Amritsar where temperatures hover in the mid 30s!   Within ... Read more >

Tags: Sightseeing

Gallery: Amritsar

Sunday, 8 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Dharamsala/McLeod Ganj

Thursday, 5 Apr 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Three Nights at McLlos

Thursday, 5 Apr 2007 | Views [1477]

Awoke with a jolt, I slammed my knees into the seat in front of me.   This meritting a stare that could have frozen hell from the woman in the seat.  Having spent the last five hours attempting to negotiate sleeping and preventing myself and belongings ... Read more >

Tags: Party time

God Bless the Ordnance Survey

Friday, 30 Mar 2007 | Views [1233] | Comments [1]

Finally we were setting off on our trek to the Solang Valley.   We had been assured there would be snow in the valley, the scenery was stunning and crucially it was an easy walk.   Since arriving in Manali three days ago off the back of a rickety ... Read more >

Tags: Lost!

Gallery: Manali

Friday, 30 Mar 2007 | Photo Gallery

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The Himalayan Queen

Saturday, 24 Mar 2007 | Views [1962] | Comments [2]

‘Quick, out of the way, let me get that shot’ or variations on that was all I would hear for five and a half hours after taking up my tiny seat on the Himalayan Queen. We had spent the best part of the morning travelling through northern India ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Gallery: Shimla

Saturday, 24 Mar 2007 | Photo Gallery

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413 - 5

Tuesday, 20 Mar 2007 | Views [650] | Comments [1]

Can you get meat withdrawal and thus crave it?   I’m not sure, but I certainly felt like you could.   After almost two weeks of eating nothing but various pulses, cheeses and vegetables in curried sauces I wanted some plain and simple meat and two ... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures

Festival Town

Sunday, 18 Mar 2007 | Views [585] | Comments [1]

The first chords of Country Girl rang out from Marks mobile and ushered in a new day in Varanasi .  It was 5:30AM and we had woke early to catch the sunrise over the Ganges and were not to be disappointed.  At around 6AM the sun rose and filled ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Gallery: Varanasi

Friday, 16 Mar 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Thursday, 15 Mar 2007 | Views [583] | Comments [1]

Agra, home to the Taj Mahal, 1.5 million people and 1700 factories, boy does it show. The streets are littered with rubbish and a thick, acrid stench that could make a murderer cry, hangs in the air. Renowned throughout India for it's corrupt politicans, ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Gallery: Agra

Wednesday, 14 Mar 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Trains

Sunday, 11 Mar 2007 | Photo Gallery

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In Transit

Sunday, 11 Mar 2007 | Views [824] | Comments [1]

'Ladies and gentlemen the next stop is Agra Cantonment'.  After four and a half hours, the constant lingering smell of piss and God knows how many shouts of 'Chai' we had arrived in Agra.  The train had left Delhi on time, but then managed to fit in ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Gallery: Taj Mahal

Sunday, 11 Mar 2007 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Delhi

Friday, 9 Mar 2007 | Photo Gallery

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