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Magic Planet Earth

My Scholarship entry - Burning of the King Boat

Taiwan | Saturday, 12 January 2013 | 5 photos

Photography is my life, our planet is my home and nature is my passion. My camera is my constant companion and I always looking for the next moment of life to capture. I have a sincere desire to share what I see through my heart and lens with the world.

Nature and humans are one and the same thing. Unfortunately I feel we have become de-tatched from our planet and don’t value the importance of our special bond with nature. We are unwittingly destroying our own home and the home of thousands of different species, through war, pollution and deforestation and are not aware of the consequences of losing touch with our planet Earth. I hope to be able to express the importance of being in tune with nature and our own species through my photography.

Learning from a master like you would take my art to the next level. I am willing to be awake at all hours and I love to be on the move, to climb and walk as much as necessary to capture Nature&Life at its best! This years assignment would be a wonderful experience to meet a culture which is so hospitable and friendly but widely misunderstood and demonised. I'd love to invest my power to brake boundaries and share inside views.

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