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Oliving The Dream

ZAMBIA | Sunday, 27 April 2014 | Views [505]

Livingstone, Zambia!

Sitting on the shores of the Zambezi river with a view to the Smoke That Thunders (Mosi O Tunya) I have to say that Zambia is another highlight. I have spent many more days here than usual and I am ready to get back on the road but every day has been amazing. Sadly I haven’t been able to indulge in any of the adrenalin junkie activities but I have been to watch a few crazies brave the bungee jump and bridge swing so I feel like I have had my fair share of heart stopping action just by watching.

Unfortunately my onwards journey has changed and I am now heading North. I say unfortunately but it isn’t really. As much as I would love to be going South the North route does have its plus points and I am just as excited. Not only because it is back to Malawi but also because instead of three nights in Zanzibar we have four. And this is is just the beginning. So spoilt I know which is why you are probably wondering why I am complaining. I am not really, I am just a little gutted that I have to miss out on the Okavango Delta and Namibia this time round. There will be plenty of other chances so I am getting over it slowly. As I have changed routes I have therefore changed trucks, tour leaders and group. I was sad to say goodbye to the others as they had become good friends a long the way but the new bunch of nomads all seem just as lovely so things should be just as awesome if not much more. My new tour leader and driver also seem great too so I am sure much learning and note writing will be done a long the way. Not sure why HQ decided to change the direction but as with all other traveling, plans always change and evolve so why should my overland experience be any different? Our route is slightly different so for some of the way there will be new sights which is always great. Not that I will find it boring anyway but seeing new places is always exciting. For a start we stop over in Kafue in between Livingstone and Lusaka with a chance to cruise a long the river and hopefully view some game. It will then be back to Lusaka then on to Malawi, Tanzania, Kenya and then on further still to Uganda. Yes. I possibly have a chance to visit the Gorillas. I hear that a lone is the most amazing experience ever so I feel very lucky to be including that in to all the other amazing things I will be doing on the way there. We also have a company birthday coming up, a big 18th so a small celebration is in order. We will be in Kande Beach, Malawi so I imagine things will get a little merry and festive. A typical 18th birthday party if you will. You would think that this isn’t work. Sometimes it doesn’t feel that way I have to admit as I am only a trainee so getting really hands on is hard to do but I am sure that when I get my own truck things will be different and I will be working a lot more than just enjoying what Africa has to offer. I look forward to those days actually. The thought of controlling a budget and getting tourists round Africa is a little daunting but its all part of the adventure. I still have lots of learning to go but I have plenty of time to do that so I am sure by the time I am in control I will be more clued up on how things are done. Until then I am going to do my best to squeeze in some sights and exploring in amongst the shopping and organising that I can do. It should hopefully be slightly easier now that I am heading back on a route I have already been, at least I now know what to expect.

Exactly what have I been doing in Livingstone I can hear you thinking. Well the first day was spent driving. We drove from Lusaka which took a while. We arrived with enough time to visit the falls so a thorough soaking was had. Some say that Vic Falls is over rated. Ok realistically it is just a waterfall but the sheer size a lone is impressive. We have come at a time when the water levels are high so there is lots of spray and the visibility is poor but even still you can’t help but get an idea of the impressiveness that is. It was so amazing being so close to the falls and in and amongst the spray. The photo opportunities were minimal as the spray was obviously camera damaging but hopefully the ones I managed to sneak in will give you an idea. The spray and sunlight also allowed for some impressive rainbows, sadly no pot of gold at the end but with 3 or 4 rainbows in one spot I felt like it more than made up for it. After a couple of hours getting soaked to the bone we headed back to campsite. And what a campsite it is. The Waterfront is definitely a recommendation from me. They have so many river view rooms for those who don’t like roughing it and plenty of space for tents for those who do. And the views. Uh. Words can not describe, quite seriously. To my left I have the view to the falls, the only thing I can really see is the spray but it is still beautiful and to my right I have up river. Luckily this is in the direction of the sun sets so as you can imagine, every evening as been an array of reds, yellows, oranges and pinks with everything sporting that warm glow. Africa, this Africa is simply breathtaking. I have seen my fair share of sunsets in my time but there is something about them in this place. Not sure whether it is the happy hour beers which are in full flow or just the setting but you can’t help but be in love with Africa here. If you haven’t been here yet, come and see for yourself. I 100% promise you will not be disappointed. I am already excited about returning and hope that next time I will have a chance to truly enjoy everything that Livingstone has to offer. The bungee jump and all!

After an afternoon at the falls the other days have been a blur of relaxing and sight seeing. There was a morning spent watching a few brave the bungee, this was amazing. I would have loved to have done it and was so keen but with the history of my broken leg they weren’t too keen to send me and I wasn’t in the mood to spend hours getting evaluated so I passed on it. Next time though I shall see how I feel and possibly brave the 111m fall. It just has to be done. The setting itself is enough to make the fall amazing. If I don’t do the bungee I will definitely be doing the swing. A 70m free fall then a massive swing though the valley for a few breathtaking minutes. I am so excited just thinking about it. Some of us then jumped on to a boat for a booze cruise at sunset. That evening was spent getting merry and meeting the new people joining the tour. It was a great evening spent with great people in a great location. The other days were spent wondering around town and simply laying back, catching up on the reading and soaking up the magic of Zambia. Things really don’t get much better than this.

For my final night this country has provided me with the most amazing sunset. My photos simply don’t do it justice but the pinks of the sky are incredible. I haven’t seen anything like it ever before so on that note I am going to head off to enjoy it. This post has been short but sweet but as not much has really happened I think I can get away with it. Not to mention my terrible writing is not doing Livingstone and the beauty of it any justice so it is better to leave it here than try and continue. Just do yourselves a favour and find some time to come here, see it for yourself. You will not be disappointed.

Next stop, Kafue. I am well and truly Living The Dream.

P.S. Vic Falls photos to come soon. Have to find better Internet first! T.I.A!!


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