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Surviving Airport Delays

WORLDWIDE | Monday, 4 July 2011 | Views [3099] | Comments [2]

They are the bane of many would-be sunbathers lives and we all feel a shared sympathy when the news shows people stuck in delays at the airport. Most of us have been there to one degree or another, whether it’s that annoying hour delay or a few days sleeping on the terminal floor. Delays are painful but they can’t be helped. The wonderful planes that whisk us off into the sun are usually on time but sometimes things happen and when they do we just have to deal with it. When it comes to dealing with it there are a few things that Holiday Extras can help you with, and here are a few tips to make things easier;

1.  Entertainment

Pack entertainment in your hand luggage. It seems simple but can be an absolute lifesaver. When delays strike they often strike once you’ve checked in your bags, and in fact they usually encourage you to do so even if you haven’t. What this means is your sole source of entertainment, the thing you’re going to turn to when boredom sets in is your hand luggage. Never fear, just pack two books rather than one (you never know how long you’ll be stuck), put a pack of cards in there and charge up your iPod. You need multiple sources of entertainment, not just one so think ahead.

2. Accommodation     

Book a stay in an airport hotel. No matter where you’re flying from, when you book your holiday check out the little extras on offer. The best one is always an airport hotel for the night before you fly. No matter the city, the effect is the same. You’ll arrive at the airport on departure day rested, relaxed and ready to take on anything and what’s more if you hear of the delay early enough you can just stay a little longer in one of the wonderful hotels (or wherever else you may be) rather than suffer the perils of the terminal.

3. Nourishment

Make good use of the food hall. If you’re stuck for a while you will get hungry, it’s a fact and one that no amount of those boiled sweets you suck to pop your ears on the plane are going to change. The temptation will be to just grab a sandwich or something but don’t give in. A cold, tasteless sandwich eaten in the middle of the terminal will not improve your mood. Take the time to find a restaurant on the terminal, there are always plenty, and sit down, relax and enjoy a proper meal that will lift your spirits and make it all seem some much better. Trust me, it works.

Follow these tips and I guarantee that next time your flights are delayed you’ll have a much better time. Granted, it still won’t be the highlight of your holiday but it’ll be a little more bearable and you might not even lose your temper this time.

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