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Beer and Gloating in Las Vegas

USA | Sunday, 6 February 2011 | Views [200]

Hey y'all!

Before you ask, no I am not sick of that greeting yet. In fact it has really grown on me on this trip, kind of like the urge not to supersize anything over here.

So we made our way to Flagstaff, Arizona, and apparently the snow had taken such a liking to us that it decided to hitch a ride. Now I know this sounds all poetic and everything, but it wasn't very conducive to travelling an hour to see that famous big hole they call the Grand Canyon. A day spent at the movies was thus on the cards as the ground turned white once again and made the roads less than driveable. Luckily the following day saw the weather clear, and we found that the landmark was indeed aptly named. Such is the way my brain works however, I did spend most of the time admiring the canyon with the "Canyonero" song from 'The Simpsons' playing on repeat in my head. 

The following day was spent once again on the road, where we saw more flat country and the ubiquitous tumbleweeds that stroll the highways. Of particular note was the mutant tumbleweed that decided to tackle our car Frosty head on. A quick explosion of grass over our car later it was safe to say Frosty had come out victorious.

And so after many hours we reached our next destination. Perhaps you have heard of Vegas? Well, if not, it is a place that prides itself on taking every dime you own... and not to mention the shirt off your back. It didn't know what was in store for it when I arrived however.

Ok, so it wasn't that much. A quick tour around the establishment we were staying in known as "Stratosphere" had me coming to the conclusion I really had no place being in a Casino. I had no idea how any of the games worked, and I was more concerned with why so many irritating noises had to be contained in such close proximity to each other. What was a little Aussie boy to do? Of course, find an Aussie pokie machine and press the buttons until his fortune was won. I'm going to put it down to ridiculous skill, but others may call it beginner's luck. Whatever you label it though, I was very quickly clapping like a crazy person at the machine as it made good noises and gave me money for doing absolutely nothing. A few drinks thrown in and it had been a very successful evening. But my celebrations were short-lived, and my gloating ceased, as the place sucked that money back out of me over the next few days. But overall I put breaking even down as a definite straight flush.

Vegas also included a lunch at the "Top of the World Tower", which is one of those vertigo-inspired restaurants that spins many metres above the ground as you eat. Eliminating any need to walk seems to be a very American thing to do. We only saw this more as we toured "The Strip" later that night. Dazzling lights and outside escalators were scattered everywhere, and my efforts to inspire people to move their own feet by using the stairs fell on deaf shoes.

So the tour to Vegas came to an end, and the lack of natural sunlight for a few days was gladly farewelled. Next on the agenda was the final long drive heading to San Francisco. We were getting close to farewelling Frosty, and alas the end of the trip was drawing nigh. The only real plan was to finish on a massive high!

Bring it on. 'Til next time, people. Be seeing you again soon!

Nick xo

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