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Sleep Deprivation and Ghestapo Spanish

ARGENTINA | Thursday, 1 November 2007 | Views [971]

Dinner at 11:30 at night? That sounds like a fantastic idea...

So the schedule is a bit different here.  Since I arrived in Buenos Aires sleep has not been a priority.  It seems breakfast is 9 to 12, lunch… sometime around 2ish, at 5 or 6 a snack, dinner 10 to 12, then you go out... you know, sometime around 2am.  It just happens that if you go out prior to 2am, you will be the only one in the bar/club.  Then, it is apparently normal to stay out till 6, maybe 7am.  Is this a schedule I’m used to? 

Not so much. 

And, unfortunately, this was the week I decided to be responsible or something.  I decided to get, like, some sort of edumacation while on this trip.  I signed myself up for a Spanish class (ok, I know what you’re thinking... the end of the trip, really? does that make much sense?)  Yes, I thought "better late than never." Well, I signed up before I realized that my new bedtime, due to my new dinnertime, would never be earlier than 2am. This makes a 9am class mildly miserable.  Factor in the headache from the cleaning agents (they seem to use some kind of solvent which I swear is paint thinner,) the really small room, and teacher #2 speaking at a volume appropriate to reach the 50th row, and, well, it makes for a very long 4 hours of conjugating verbs, after which there is nothing I can do but return to the hostel and attempt to catch up on the sleep I missed because of my 2am ice-cream run. 

I am useless. 

My day revolves around what I will eat for dinner (oh, and have I had some amazing dinners) and whether or not I should compare and contrast different ice-cream shops (usually this ends up with me eating approx. a pint of ice-cream well after midnight... luckily, the shops are open till 3am and deliver.  Just incase I’m to lazy to actually leave the hostel)

So, in short, the schedule is taking its toll (yes, I broke down and bought concealer... I had to, at this point I looked like the walking dead)  If I could sleep into 11 it wouldn’t be a problem.  So, I’m counting down till my morning do not consist of being yelled at in horrible accented Spanish and I can go out with everyone at 2am when they decided to go to the bar. 

I know what you’re thinking.. "It’s a tough life" well, yeah... ok, so it’s not really that bad... I am enjoying all of it, and have learned a bit of Spanish... enough so that I can translate flavors and order ice-cream in a snap. 

When I get rolled off the airplane I’ll be able to say "A mi, me gusta helado y carne, me gusta Argentina." 

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