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I Am Actually In BFE ... Egypt that is!

EGYPT | Sunday, 1 September 2013 | Views [248]

I did it! I really did it! I am living in Africa! Ok, so it isn't Tanzania or Kenya or South Africa as I imagined but Egypt is still in Africa! AND ... it has PYRAMIDS which I can see in the distance on the bus ride to school each day!! How incredibly cool is that?!?

First impressions ... 

  1. It isn't really as hot as people warned me. Although I am a true Florida girl and used to it being hot and humid. It is funny though watching the folks from the UK sweltering! lol
  2. It is VERY dirty here. I mean like trash all over! Everywhere! Which is quite a shame because you can tell it used to be very nice and clean. But with the revolutions over the last few years and the unstable government, things are not very organized and the garbage pickup is one of those things. You literally see huge piles of garbage just laying along side of the roads.
  3. Egyptian people are very kind. I was nervous coming here with many warnings that Egyptians hate Americans, but you know what?  They don't hate Americans. They hate our politics. And they are emotionally intelligent enough to be able to separate the two.  I have ONLY been welcomed warmly and been treated kindly by the Egyptians. The British and Australians on the other hand ... yikes ... but that is another story for later.
  4. The school that I am working at is a British and American school ... but it is obvious that the British are treated better and of course think they are better. The American side (grades 1-12) only have 9 total teachers who are actually from the US. A few are from other countries (Canada, Australia, Scotland, etc...). So it really isn't an American school at all ... more like an Egyptian National private school with American curriculum that may or may not be taught. 
  5. The driving here is C-R-A-Z-Y!!!!  Since the revolution, the police have not been respected or taken seriously. They have also been targeted by the MB with violence. There is no enforcement of laws and appears to be no consequences if laws are broken. So, as you can imagin, this lends itself to craziness! People drive wherever and however they want paying no attention to lanes, directions of streets, stop signals or speed limits. Luckily I will NEVER have to drive ... we take busses and taxis everywhere and I do my best to jus relax and not watch. I have to giggle because my roommate, CJ from London, completely freaks out everytime we are in a vehicle! lol
  6. The fruits and veggies are really inexpensive and locally grown and fresh AND found at little stands all around. I love that I can go right outside my building and walk a few feet to these stands! :-)

Well ... that's enough for now. Can't wait to experience more!

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