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Footprints and Sailing

days 11-14

THAILAND | Thursday, 28 July 2011 | Views [435]

Day 11 – Mon 11th July – we all slept well on Fei Mao – and woke up to a clearish day ready for our first adventure. We got briefed about the charts and where to anchor etc before setting sail to our first stop Ko Phanak. We came out under engine and conditions were windy – once out of the shallow channel – we put up the sails and had a play about with them to get used to them. Once at Ko Phanak, we sheltered on the east of the island, had a lovely chicken salad for dinner and settled for the night. It was a beautiful spot under limestone cliffs – but the water was a bit murky due to a clay sea bed. Day 12 – Tuesday 12th July We woke up early (in the middle of the night) and had hot chocolate as we were concerned about being too close to the rocks – however we had lots of depth. In the morning some fishermen came and sold us a big pot of fresh prawns – they were huge – and very cheap! Y cooked them and we had some …we then explored the ‘hong’ Thai word for ‘room’ where you go through caves into a lagoon – however we could not go through cos the dinghy was too big! There were people there being taken through by canoes – but we did not take any money with us – so it was back to the yacht and off to our next stopover place, Koh Hong. As we approached, the heavens opened and we couldn’t see the instruments – deffo need wind screen wipers on our specs!! We managed to find a spot near steep cliffs and anchored off – soaked! Drookit! Drenched! Any adjective you wish to describe a good drenching – please use it – that was us! The weather changes very quickly here and soakings are a feature of every day! Once the rain cleared, we explored another lagoon and got through a small cave into one of the lagoons – it was like Paddy’s market with tourists in little inflatable kayaks rowed by Thai tour guides. Again the rain poured – more like hailstones and hurt your back! We took shelter under some rocks until it passed then decided to row back to the boat for some exercise – J and K were the paddlers – but of course – never kept in sync so ended up birling round and round a few times! Once on the boat, we had pasta mince and fresh prawn cocktail –( a sauce of mayo and tomato paste did the trick!) and settled for the night………only to be awoken at 11.30pm by Y chasing a mosquito round the room………we all spent the next four hours exterminating little buzzers who had already had their supper of our blood!! Kirsty was champion buzzer buster…………once we were convinced we couldn’t hear any more buzzing, we managed a few hours sleep!! Day 13 – Wednesday 13th July We all woke up bleary eyed and decided to set sail for the James Bond Island – we anchored off a small island Koh Yang which was the closest we could get to the James Bond island – via dinghy because of the shallow water around it. The dinghy ride over was pleasant and the island was already busy with tourists – a quaint bit in the middle hosts a mini market of trinkets, shells and touristy items. We had ice cream and ice lollies for breakfast! A monsoon type wind then got up and the rain descended – again, so we took shelter behind the ice cream kiosk until it blew over. Once we were happy it had passed, we got into the dinghy and got back to the yacht asap. A snack followed – then it was off to our next port of call, Koh Yao Noi. We anchored off the Paradise Resort and spa – looked lovely – at a place called Ao Muang. We anchored fairly far out because other yachties were in closer, and we were in the middle of another rain storm – it had been chasing us since the James Bond Island! So it was time for finishing off our previous day’s dinner of pasta and prawns, followed by beer and gin o’clock – we reckon gin and tonic will prevent any mozzies chomping away at us………..this turned out not to be the case as Y thought she was being eaten alive! J and K were oblivious to this – crashed out in the main cabin…..of course we were all awoken – yet another night of disturbed sleep. Day 14 - Thursday 14th July An early morning swim was in order after we had been up during the night – the early morning sunshine awaking us at around 7.30am……Y swam to a pontoon that was used for the hotel guests, J and K stayed on board and prepared a wee birthday breakfast for Y………..51 again she tells us…………eh right!! We made a cake out of jam and bread which we presented to her on her return from the swim…she was very much appreciative of her cake, which she duly shared……….and her gifts of two t-shirts,( a tuk tuk one and a vespa one), a reclining buddha necklace and little card telling you what day each Buddha represents. Her birthday card was in Thai and appropriately had a turtle on it! We then explored the Pradise resort – in the rain – of course….had a coffee there – before heading back to the yacht. We set off for our next stop, down the island a bit – where the Six Senses six star resort and Koh Yao resort are……..we anchored off the Koh Yao resort as we planned to have a birthday dinner at one of them. The weather was bright so a swim off the back of the yacht was in order for all of us…….Y was in first, and as the rain started, K and J ventured in…………K getting out fairly quickly as the rain battered off our skin! She was then the goaffer as Y and J decided to wash their hair in the sea – very refreshing indeed – a much needed wash! At time of writing, the rain has been pouring down for two and a half hours – these monsoon downpours fairly go on forever! Just as well the boat is water tight! Time for an afternoon nap!!!

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