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AUSTRALIA | Tuesday, 10 October 2017 | Views [489]

So my mom said updates have been asked for. I know it’s been a while which makes it hard for me to start summarizing.. so bare with me.


As of recently, university is going super well. I figured out how to apply more of my NIC units to my degree, so I get to graduate a semester earlier than I planned. December 2018 and I'll have a Bachelors of Commerce degree with a double major in marketing & management. No definite plans for what's to follow. I'm really interested in doing Woof for a couple of months, it's a website that connects young people with different farmers. You don't get paid but they supply everything you need to live and teach you all about operating a farm. I'd be really interested in doing it in Sweden or the Netherlands, but just dreaming!


This semester went pretty well. It’s not over yet, but most of my group work is done besides one presentation. They all ended up functioning pretty well this semester, but every class I enrolled in had a group assignment and I am so over them. Individual assignments move so much faster and the sense of control is way more comforting. All my big assignments were due last week, so recently I did a really bad job calling home. Luckily my family is patient with me!  


My last exam is November 23, Thanksgiving. Leftovers will be calling my name! Mom said they might wait for me to get home to celebrate, but frankly, it might be easier to pick at leftovers than listen to all the "are you sure you don't want turkey?" jokes. Hahaha love my family but I know what's to come. I might try to come back for New Years, but I'm not committing to a flight plan soon (sorry, mom). I'm planning to go down to Melbourne and Tasmania during January/February. It's summer here, so Sydney will be warm and humid, but it obviously gets colder the closer you go towards the Antarctic circle. Plus, southern Australia is too cold for me to have an interest in visiting during our winter.


I got snorkelling gear! I haven't used it nearly as much as I would like to. But I swear every day I've had free we have random bad weather?? I'm just going to suck it up and go even if it's bad on Friday because I just love how quiet it is with my head in the water. Goggles changed my life.


I’ve been taking piano lessons from my housemate, Harry. He is really supportive sometimes, and sometimes he puts on this funny but scary intense teacher act and is really strict. I have to play along or he won’t stop, and after a couple minutes he’ll say, “that was your classical music lesson for the day.” I actually learn a lot during it because I try SO hard to get him to be happy with whatever I’m doing, but it’s quite strict like my palms get sweaty and I get properly nervous. So far, I’ve done twinkle twinkle little star, worked with a metronome, and now he's making me learn to sing. If you've ever sung in the car with me you are probably cringing too. I have apps for the metronome and to play tunes and measure the tune I'm singing in. I resent them a little bit, but I really want to learn an instrument so I'm committing. Practicing reading music and jingle bells…


I went to the Sydney Tea Festival. A little crowded for my liking but loved it of course. So much quality tea and it wasn’t super expensive! Plus, lots of tasters and the whole house got little tea testing taster cups which we now use all the time. My kombucha is going well! It hasn’t made anyone sick, so I'm doing a good enough job! Some batches definitely turn out better than others, I should keep a journal with the steps /batches I like… (solving my own problems via this blog). I need to figure out what to do when it gets hot here? It's supposed to be in a cool place and I don't want my scooby to die. Welcoming all suggestions!


We’ve been understaffed at work for like a month. The salon I work in isn’t huge to start with, and we’ve lost 3 assistants since I started working there. I really love my bosses and wouldn’t really blame them for the turnover. They’ve sent me home with flowers twice (LOVE) and work with my hours really well despite being understaffed.


I started an internship this week with IndieGetup. It's a sustainable fashion platform supporting and promoting sustainable fashion brands. The idea, assuming it all works well, is for me to be the social media manager. This week I started making some practice rounds for the different social media we use, and my two bosses I coordinate with have already been super helpful answering all my questions. Sometimes I feel like I should be more technologically capable for being my age? But hey I learn fast so I think it'll be fine.

Seriously though, Christmas is coming up and instead of contributing to all the waste it produces, maybe consider getting some gifts from some of the brands featured on our website! http://indiegetup.com


Me and Aleisha (Harry's girlfriend) started growing mushrooms! We ordered the mycelium and I water it every morning and evening. They do not appear to be thriving in their current conditions, I don't think it's dark enough and we might add some coffee grounds to the soil. Hopefully they work out, I love mushrooms but they're so expensive to buy organic. The community garden I'm a member of is thriving. Every time I've left the past couple weeks I've had huge handfuls of lettuce and kale, my favourite of leafy greens. 


Annaliese’s birthday is today in the US! Even if you haven’t met her, send her good birthday wishes. She doesn’t have Facebook, but she’s amazing and deserves them!


Seriously couldn’t be happier here. If I think about it too much I get a little homesick, but it’s hard to lose time not appreciating where I am. Forever grateful for all members of my support system, love & miss you all!

If you are one of the people who asked for an update you owe me one as well! Message me soon, please :) 


So much love & light from Sydney,

Lynee Cavanaugh


P.S the phone works both ways, Grandpa. 

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