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December Update

Saturday, 9 Dec 2017 | Views [715]

Hi dear friends/family! In the quickest of summaries: lately, I’ve just been following life’s weird path and appreciating every moment of it. I’m really happy, healthy, and consistently inspired.   Okay, so I finished ... Read more >

What's new?

Tuesday, 10 Oct 2017 | Views [480]

So my mom said updates have been asked for. I know it’s been a while which makes it hard for me to start summarizing.. so bare with me.   As of recently, university is going super well. I figured out how to apply more of my NIC units ... Read more >

Survived grocery shopping & midterms

Wednesday, 10 May 2017 | Views [585]

                  So if you weren’t aware, my sister got a kitten. I practically begged her to wait until I was home so I could see it when it was little, but nooo. SO now we have a kitten named Riley.... Read more >

Exploring & studying

Monday, 3 Apr 2017 | Views [569]

Before anyone gets snappy, I know it’s been 3 weeks since my last update and I apologize… but despite the 'drop bears' I’m still living so no worries.  Last weekend I took a trip up to the blue mountains with my roommates. ... Read more >

Tags: blue mountains, bush walks

Week 2 of School

Wednesday, 15 Mar 2017 | Views [599]

School School and more School.. So school has been off to a good start! Getting my credits in order has been a bit of a doosey, the long story is the following paragraph, I’ll summarize with the last sentence for those who don’t want the ... Read more >

Tags: #reading #sostudious

La Escuela

Tuesday, 7 Mar 2017 | Views [561] | Comments [1]

WOWOWOWOW. So school started this week. A full load here is considered four classes, and I’m taking 1. The Future of Business 2. Cultural Anthropology 3. Qualitative Business Analysis (Statistics) and 4. Accounting, Business, and Society.  ... Read more >

Tags: #firstdaysofschool #usyd


Wednesday, 1 Mar 2017 | Views [496] | Comments [1]

Hello/Gooday/Greetings! Lots have been going on this week, I will start updating more because I feel as if I'm already forgetting things! It was definitely rough finding my footing, and I don't think I've perfected it yet (will I ever?), but this ... Read more >

Tags: #oweek

Officially independent?

Wednesday, 22 Feb 2017 | Views [747]

So this morning my beautiful Mother's time to head home arrived. Somehow she found it just to leave me in this country on my own? As if that was what I wanted or something..who knows. To mention the difficultly of the goodbye makes me cry all over again! ... Read more >

Tags: adventuringaustralia, independent, missmymom

Settled in!

Thursday, 16 Feb 2017 | Views [682] | Comments [1]

Well, after 6 days I can finally consider myself set-up!  Getting here went much better than I had expected. Besides getting hopelessly turned around in LAX (6 times to be exact), the traveling went smoothly. We were supposed to have a two hour ... Read more >

Tags: #newhomesweethome



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