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AUSTRALIA | Wednesday, 22 February 2017 | Views [756]

So this morning my beautiful Mother's time to head home arrived. Somehow she found it just to leave me in this country on my own? As if that was what I wanted or something..who knows. To mention the difficultly of the goodbye makes me cry all over again! My mom says it's a Cavanaugh thing, but whatever it is I sure am grateful. It is SUCH a blessing having a family that makes goodbyes difficlt. I hadn't felt homesick being here yet, but it's like she ripped off a huge bandaid. Luckily Annaliese, my "soulmate"/bestfriend called me to talk me through the tears and made me laugh as LOTS of strangers gave me concerned looks walking through the train station. 

Before Mom left, we talked about the difference of when she left me in Georgia (for the week I spent going to University there). "It was a worried cry, but now it's just an 'i'm gonna miss you' cry" (paraphrased, but more or less). It is such a different homesick for me as well. It's the saddness of knowing the conversations and memories I'm missing, but the optimism of adventure I'm on. I have yet to doubt my safety here, even on the late night walks back from the train station. That's something I absolutey take for granted in my gorgeous town of Coeur d'Alene, but is so appreciated being in a foreign place. 

We have done lots this week! We did more sight seeing, walked around the Opera House and peaked inside on Monday. We considered doing the tour, but we both agreed that was an excursion to do with Dad. That night we saw the documentary The Coming War on China by John Pilger. We aren't sure if it's even being shown in America, but it was fascinating and would highly recommend it to anyone, but it is controversial and recommend doing your own research after the movie. 

My room is officially set up. I'm awful for not having pictures to upload yet, but I promise they will come. Thank goodness for the motherly touch is all I have to say. It truly makes me feel like home and that has been beyond comforting today. 

One interesting part of my adventure so far has been talking politics. "I voted for Trump" is quite a statement to be making in this country and EVERYONE asks. I haven't ran across anyone who has been antagonistic about it and I'm not a die hard Trumpster, but the anti-Trump message is pretty prevalent. My flatmate Harry has been incredible to talk to and is the first Australian I've met who said "I actually understand what he's doing and see the purpose of it." But, he also said he wouldn't dare tell his mom that. It's fascinating how divided America is on the topic, but even more captivating how involved other countries are on the issues. It made me feel quite ignorant when I had to ask who the Prime Minister was! Today I also met Ari (a guy from Davis, California on a work visa who lives with Harry's girlfriend). He was/is "with her" and was very educated on the events of the election. I loved to hear about the genuine difference of philosphy we have. I don't think I had actually had an educated conversation with a liberal before where it wasn't aggressive. (No that was not a statement as to say lump liberals together as aggressive, but that has been my experience.) In general, it was fun having another American around to explain the small things I questioned (Concession card = student public transport card; Why are there no parks?!=Parking spot etc).

The job hunt hasn't actually started yet, sorry Dad. I've made up resumes though and am going to start making my rounds this week. I've been warned that the job market here is slim multiple times. Apparently entry-level positions are unbelievably minimal, but it's generally pretty easy to find a job you have experience in. The youth unemployment rate here is 22% as opposed to 10.9% in America. Luckily I have lots of hope and with a little bit of luck and lots of American charm (is that even a thing?) I'll end up where I'm supposed to be. Prayers are always accepted though ;) 

If you are still reading, I should probably apologize for any ramblings. Sorry.

Sending love from Australia always, 



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