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Back Home & Back to Sydney

USA | Tuesday, 1 August 2017 | Views [539]

Well to say my trip home was great would be insulting to all the amazing people I got to see who made it so amazing.

 My trip home started with a long flight from hell. I took melatonin for the first time because if a 15 hour plane ride doesn't warrant it I don't know what does. The plane also had lots of turbulence. Long story short I puked twice, once into a cup, and once in the aisle. Luckily the cup was a contained situation, but the aisle scenario was much confined. The flight attendants were not very happy with me, but neither was my stomach so I didn't feel too guilty.  

By no means did I get to see everyone that I had hoped to see, but the quality time I had with all my family was priceless. My extraordinary parents picked me up from the airport of course so that was instant tears and some really, really good hugs. Joe and Allie met us at the house and my best friend Annaliese was waiting for me when I got there. My amazing Aunt Cathy came out with Poppi (my Dad’s Dad), and we got to float the river and ate really good food. I went to Canada for a concert with Annaliese, and when I returned my other grandparents (Mom’s parents) came home early from their trip to surprise me. I had absolutely no idea, so when I got home late and saw grandmas car it was such a pleasant surprise.

My beautiful grandmother then put together dinner with the Elliotts (my mom’s sisters family) and it we gathered and ate more yummy food. My grandparents had brought some friends into town who picked on my grandpa (mom's dad) as much as I do and had travelling stories like I couldn't believe. Grandma and Grandpa also got a new boat (figures they wait for me to move out right..) and I got to go out on that twice with them. If you aren’t aware, boats are my happy place. So being able to go out on theirs with family was such a gift.

Poppi (dad's dad) came with us one of the times and he out swam all the kids. He told me stories over this trip about how he used to teach people to swim when he was in the military and I'm not sure if I have this part right but I don't think that was his job? He was just that helpful and kind of a person and the stories I hear about him the more infatuated I am with the amount of love that man possesses. Every time I get to see Poppi I also get to see so much of my Dad and having my Dad, Aunt, and Poppi together might be my all-time favourite trio. 

My sweet sweet Mom took on the challenge of taking me shopping for some of the goodies I needed. I have taken on the responsibility of buying ethically produced clothing always, and second hand preferred in efforts to reduce my contribution to the pollution resulting from the fashion industry.

https://www.academia.edu/1059123/Waste_couture_Environmental_impact_of_the_clothing_industry  (7 pages pdf, you have to click through a couple things to see it but credibility is the purpose)

https://www.ecowatch.com/fast-fashion-is-the-second-dirtiest-industry-in-the-world-next-to-big--1882083445.html (This says (basically) the same thing from a less academic source and in fewer pages) 

I would have never imagined finding workout shoes to be so difficult. So few companies have taken any stand on any environmental issues, and I absolutely deem that unacceptable in 2017. The app Good On You has been pretty helpful in rating different brands and doing a lot of research for you, so I would highly recommend that if this topic interests you (please let it interest you). That being said there is still research to be done beyond the app so don’t limit yourself!
            The family also took on the challenge of accepting my meatless diet restrictions. Both grandpas were not pleased. I welcomed the challenge and it made for good debates. I don't think I had anyone convinced... Mom & Dad still won't change their weekly meal delivery service to meatless. I plan to make more progress over Christmas.

My parents also took me to see the Gyro Shack site. It was definitely still a construction site but it made me so proud to see all the work that had gone into the place and how excited they are about it. I remember going down to Boise with my Dad to see the Gyro Shack and meet with the franchisors for the first time less than a year ago. I’m so excited to be home in Christmas and see it up and running.

Speaking of franchising, I’m taking a class on it this semester. I’m also taking Services Marketing, Strategic Management, and Consumer Behavior. I’m pretty excited about them, the due dates for all the classes don’t clash a ton either so I’m hoping I will keep school stress to a minimum. I also have Monday’s and Friday’s off of class and am planning to travel to surrounding cities this semester. Last semester I got to see a lot of Sydney so it will be cool to spread out (assuming I can find cheap hostels?). Classes start this week and I’m just hoping I don’t have to go buy books. I swear it should be considered stealing when classes make you buy books that they don’t use/need. 

Since I got back 3 days ago I have been pretty homesick. It doesn’t even compare to when my mom left in February though which is super comforting. My parents are so supportive and it is so very helpful it’s as hard on them as it is for me. (Already crying haha). But as my Dad said “when you quit shedding tears it’s not a good thing. Tears mean things matter and YOU do to me.” WOW MORE TEARS. It truly makes my gratitude lists easy to fill out when I think of my family, and as hard as it is to be so close with my family and yet so physically far I love being able to recognize how fortunate I am.

I know this post was kind of jumbled but I wrote some on the plane, some my first night home, and some my first day of class. So please forgo judgements on my scattered writing! I obviously plan to be home for Christmas! My exam period ends November 26, so if my exams don't run the whole week I'll even get to be home for Thanksgiving. I'm also trying to plan a trip with my best friend Annaliese to meet her in Barcelona in February since she will be studying abroad there. So as if I don't have life going on here, staying connected with people from home is still a huge priority for me. I'm lucky to have such strong roots and if you are one of the people reading this you probably have something to do with that.

Sending so much love from Australia!

Love & light


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