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My Scholarship entry - Life on the Old Delhi streets

India | Sunday, 13 January 2013 | 5 photos

I was born in India & I was gifted curious eyes. Colours, patterns, light, shadows, life always appealed to me. I saw beauty & meaning in simple things. Photography became a passion when I started seeing images from all over the world. So, getting my first camera in 2008, there was just no looking back. I shoot with a P&S camera, willing to buy a DSLR since long but am short on budget.

Photography is meditation to me. When I see through the shutter, I'm in that moment. Time stops. I'm a firm believer that it's the eye that makes a photograph. My passion lies in photojournalism. What works is that I've an instant connect with people. I've great desire to travel & document places, people, their lives, joys & struggles. As a storyteller, I wish to create images that'll make people think, reflect & change for better. I specially would love to work for social causes & stray animals.

I'm willing to learn, open to challenges & hard work, ready to do whatever it takes to have a life that'll make a difference, to myself & the world. Even preparing for this contest has taught me a lot. I'm very much confident that with right guidance, I can do wonders. May this be my leap of faith. Thanks.

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