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Travels of a wandering Waterboy Journey round Caribbean and Central America in search of a new destination.

Back in ES

EL SALVADOR | Wednesday, 26 Oct 2016 | Views [202]

I am getting back into it here and things are progressing well despite the archaic way the English sell houses. A local council search can take up to 8 weeks as there are only two people working in the land registry department at Wiltshire council. It ... Read more >

Trip over - back in Blighty

NETHERLANDS ANTILLES | Wednesday, 28 Sep 2016 | Views [215]

Well my escapades in the Caribbean are over for now. I am back in the UK sans luggage, that is still enjoying the sights and sounds of Antigua airport. I eventually ended up working for El Salvador divers as an instructor for a few months so the idea ... Read more >

I found a job of sorts.

EL SALVADOR | Friday, 29 Jul 2016 | Views [289]

I know it has been a while since my last post but I have been busy with stuff and injured. I have been suffering with a strained thigh or hip or something, it hurts to walk first thing. Pain eases once I have been ambulatory for a while but I was ... Read more >

Tags: course, crater, diving, ilopango, lake, open water, padi, volcano

San Salvador

NETHERLANDS ANTILLES | Thursday, 7 Jul 2016 | Views [354]

Today I took a walk around the area where I am staying. It has been a warm sunny day, a bit too warm for walking but nowhere near as hot as it was in Freetown and even though it is winter here there was little humidity and no rain. I saw the statue ... Read more >

Diving in the crater lake Ilopango

EL SALVADOR | Tuesday, 5 Jul 2016 | Views [372]

Just to the south-east of San Salvador is the massive crater lake of Ilopango. It is around 8km across and 10km wide with a depth of around 235m. It is formed by the collection of rainwater and is the crater created when the volcano Ilopango erupted ... Read more >

Photos: El salvador

EL SALVADOR | Sunday, 26 Jun 2016 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Nicaragua

NICARAGUA | Sunday, 26 Jun 2016 | Photo Gallery

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Photos: Panama

PANAMA | Sunday, 26 Jun 2016 | Photo Gallery

Panama photos
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The Tica Bus experience

PANAMA | Saturday, 25 Jun 2016 | Views [367]

on a bus in Naragua. Travelling between Panama City and San Salvador. Next time I will fly. Supposed to be an 'Executive Bus' but they feed you on the move. All I have been offered so far is crisps, biscuits, a big mac and some bloody awful rice and ... Read more >

Panamanian CATCH22

PANAMA | Monday, 20 Jun 2016 | Views [275]

Today I came across a classic Catch22 situation here in Panama City. I needed to go to the main bus terminal in the city, Albrook to buy my international ticket to San Salvador on the Tica Bus. To get there I needed to get a bus. The busses here ... Read more >

Tags: bus, panama, ticabus


NETHERLANDS ANTILLES | Saturday, 11 Jun 2016 | Views [168]

On 7th June I travelled to the island of Saba about an hour and a half by boat from Sint Maarten. Travelled aboard the Dawn II, otherwise known as the Heineken boat for obvious reasons.  Dawn II, or the Heineken boat. On a pretty rough ... Read more >

Photos: Caribbean

NETHERLANDS ANTILLES | Wednesday, 8 Jun 2016 | Photo Gallery

In the Dutch Antillies
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Getting started

SIERRA LEONE | Tuesday, 7 Jun 2016 | Views [348]

This trip started a little while ago when I packed up and left behind my scuba diving business in Sierra Leone. I had become a dive instructor during the Ebola pandemic of 2014/2015 travelling, eventually (another story), to Ecuador for my PADI dive ... Read more >

Tags: caribbean, diving, freetown, leone, saint martin, scuba, sierra

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