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India- round 2

INDIA | Thursday, 29 Jan 2009 | Views [788] | Comments [2]

Theres no better way to welcome yourself back to india than with a 37 hour train ride. From Ghorakpur to Amritsar, we rode the freezing cold train without confirmed seats. Basically that means we paid 4 dollars to travel for 2 days. But we paid for it.... Read more >

Nepal--At the top of the world

NEPAL | Thursday, 29 Jan 2009 | Views [419]

From the moment I arrived, Nepal was welcoming and beautiful. Coming from india, Nepal was immaculate with fresh air and clean streets. The people were so nice and hospitable, i was pleasantly suprised. Kathmandu in December is quite cold, as ou can ... Read more >

My life on the go..

NEPAL | Friday, 5 Dec 2008 | Views [683] | Comments [3]

My life has changed drastically since I have been traveling. Living out of a backpack is now easy. Im now used to things that I used to be uncomfortable with. For example, I used to shower 2 or 3 times a day. On this trip, there have been periods of ... Read more >

Incredible India

INDIA | Friday, 5 Dec 2008 | Views [1259]

Noisy, busy, smelly, colorful, intense.. There is no hiding from India once you arrive. Here, anything goes. And everything is done out in the open. EVERYTHING. Culturally, India is so different than everything Ive ever known. Everything tis done in ... Read more >

SouthEast Asia

THAILAND | Thursday, 13 Nov 2008 | Views [1208] | Comments [2]

 bit overwhelming at first,the rich culture of SE Asia has made a great impression on me. Many Thai locals greet the foreigner with smiles, in Laos the look is something of confusion, and in Cambodia, many times I received a stare of curiosity. Southern ... Read more >

More Thailand

THAILAND | Monday, 27 Oct 2008 | Views [1188] | Comments [2]

Since the Meditation Retreat, we have visited Krabi, Phuket, Khao Yai National Park, the Sukhothai ruins, Chaing Mai, now Pai. All of which have been amazing. Krabi was a beautiful beach town with limestone cliffs and caves all around. A rock climbers ... Read more >

Gallery: SE Asia

THAILAND | Monday, 27 Oct 2008 | Photo Gallery

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Meditation Retreat

THAILAND | Friday, 17 Oct 2008 | Views [1288] | Comments [2]

10 days of silence, learning how to meditate, taught by Buddhist monks. Who would have thought Matt Gee would ever do such a thing. Not me. The first 3 days, things got progressively tougher. Day 3, I wanted to leave. Sitting cross legged for hours ... Read more >

Koh Phangan & Koh Tao

THAILAND | Sunday, 28 Sep 2008 | Views [701] | Comments [3]

I've been in Thailand for 24 days now. Most of which has been on the islands of Koh Phangan and koh Tao. Basically... its crackin. The last few weeks have been a continuous cycle of eating, reading, snorkling, card games, hiking, and reflecting on life ... Read more >

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