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Leaving on a Jetplane...Don't Know When I'll be back again...?? Helloi there!! This journal is for my friends and fam so they can track my progress across the globe. Even though you can't be with me, hopefully by reading my journal you can come along for the ride in some kind of weird internet sense...lol. Anyway I will try to update this as much as possible however those who know me best will probably find this is just a pipe dream!! Well I have the best of intentions at least to keep you all informed of my where-a-bouts, if only to make you sickly jealous and hopefully this might even get your butts on a jetplane and meet me somewhere that takes your fancy!! Here's hoping anyway!! Love you all and I will miss all your gutses terribly... meowfromkate xox

Hello Sydney!!

AUSTRALIA | Thursday, 28 December 2006 | Views [566]

Well I arrived in Sydney boxing day morning and caught the ferry across to Manly...this was beautiful although didn't waste time spreading out on the seats and catching a few winks..the red eye flight was exhausting and those economy seats aren't made for sleeping that's for sure!!

Well it's been awsome catching up with family here..Nan is looking as good as ever...91+ and she hasn't lost a beat. Still as spritely as ever..chuckling all the time, drinking beer and still has a good witty sense of humour! Lucky for me because the first night I got here I had a few champas red wines with everyone after spending the day at Shelly beach (came back a bit crispy by the way)and ended up falling asleep on the couch with the glass of red wine still in my hand which ended all over Nan's white pants and the red leather sofa...oopsy!! hahaha We had a laugh over it in the end about me being the cousin from hell!! Oh god I am such a clutz!!

Later that night Meaghan and Nathan took me to a pub... started out with more champaign, beer and then ended with Jaeger bombs!! I have a vague memory of attempting to dance on the dance floor...there was more stumbling movements trying to stand up right and stop myself from falling on my face more than any brilliant dance moves!! Anyway the night ended with Meaghan and Nathan finding me sitting outside on the bitumen, phone in one hand, head in the drain throwing my guts up having a bit of a cry...drinking a dialing...sorry Bren, I just really miss you!! :-(

Well did a spot of shopping yesterday, first stop Harvey Norman where Nathan and Meags bought a new couch...this was an experience with the sales assistant from hell!! Nah she was ok she just wouldn't shut up..talking 100 miles an hour..swearing alot..telling us a few too many details about her sexual relations with her bf (yeah, not kidding) and how the "chinky chonks" who own the cafe in the store, suck balls and we shouldn't buy their coffee! It was an interesting afternoon that's for sure...I think she was still coming down from something from the night before...her pupils were a little too big if you know what I mean!

Anyway today I went into Manly and bought some shoes for the trip, organised my travel insurance (finally), started repacking my backpack..it's choca's already and I haven't even left the country. haha.

Anyway leave for New York tomorrow (Friday 29th)...so I will post another update after arriving.

Ciao, Ciao!

Love Kate xox

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