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Leaving on a Jetplane...Don't Know When I'll be back again...?? Helloi there!! This journal is for my friends and fam so they can track my progress across the globe. Even though you can't be with me, hopefully by reading my journal you can come along for the ride in some kind of weird internet sense...lol. Anyway I will try to update this as much as possible however those who know me best will probably find this is just a pipe dream!! Well I have the best of intentions at least to keep you all informed of my where-a-bouts, if only to make you sickly jealous and hopefully this might even get your butts on a jetplane and meet me somewhere that takes your fancy!! Here's hoping anyway!! Love you all and I will miss all your gutses terribly... meowfromkate xox

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I hate this shiznit but here it is...my name is Kate and I am 30 yrs old and have just finished a double degree in Behavioural Science and Counselling. Felt like a good time to do the travel thing so booked a round the world ticket and headed on hopefully, the journey of a lifetime!! I am leaving my sunny hometown Fremantle in Western Australia Xmas night and making my way to New York for New Years Eve in Times Square. I will travel across the states stopping in Colorado on the way to LA where I catch my flight to Vancouver, Canada. After working in Canada for 4-6 months I will catch my next flight to the UK where I plan on working for approx 12 months in between travelling Europe. On my way back home I will make a quick stop in Singapore to catch up with my little friend Nicolette (hopefully!!).

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