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Allergic reactions and extreme humidity

NICARAGUA | Saturday, 25 July 2009 | Views [835] | Comments [2]

It´s no exaggeration to say that Central America is VERY HUMID.

I dislike extreme weather and the heat makes me cranky and stressed out - this is the same for a lot of people.

For me, London summer weather is perfect. It´s not too hot and you can still wear a cardigan or a long sleeve shirt without passing out or drowning in your own sweat.

Central America is so hot, none of us feel like doing anything. Sure, there´s stuff to do here, but the humidity seems to be sapping all of our energy and walking around in the heat all day just makes it worse.   

Another thing that isn´t being helped by the heat is the horribly inflamed, burning rash on my left shoulder, back and breast that I´ve been developing ever since we were in Antigua. I think it occured when I started taking some painkillers for my back pain...soon after I noticed a small rash forming on my back, but didn´t think much of it. Now it´s huge and spreading...  

It´s awful and it´s making me stressed, sad, self conscious and WHINGY. Hahaha. For one, It´s painful to take off and put my shirt or bra and it just burns on and off throughout the day. My arm and shoulder is stiff and moving it too much irritates the rash.

Thankfully the other day, Alex very kindly took me to the doctors. The doctor was amazing - she reccomended I pour some cold chamomile tea on it, to stop the inflamation, and she prescribed me some cream for it.

The cream doesn´t seem to be helping too much, sometimes I see a change and the next day it just flares all over again and I feel like I´m going round and round in circles.

This morning I tried the chamomile for the first time (it took me a while to track some down) and it helped A LOT more than I thought it would. After only a few hours I could see a change in the colour of the rash. HOORAY.

I just have to persist with the treatment and if it is still bad when I get to Costa Rica, I´ll find another doctor to check it over again.

Anyway, I´m going to talk about something good now!! :) Yesterday was a pretty good day - I spend the day by my self: I had a lovely breakfast at a cute little cafe where I met two guys and we chatted about travel and the best places to go in Central America. Then I went for a walk around town and bought a few things, I do like this time - even despite the horrible men learing at all the women.

In the evening, I met Alex and Morgan and we went for a nice dinner at a little comodor follwed by a few drinks in a little bar with Alex´s friend from Mexico that we bumped into. It was a pretty good evening.

In the next few days, we´re going to get a boat over to Ometepe Island, in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. It should be pretty good and there is lots to do there, including kayaking (which I REALLY want to do at some point).



Interesting stuff!

  Baba Jul 25, 2009 9:52 AM


Your adventures are awesome!! I'll still take heat/humidity over freezing cold any day, but I do know how it saps your energy. Where else are you going in Central America, and when do you get back to Blighty?

BTW, if you're coming out Fri 21st to Camden, Dom's not coming, so you could share my hotel room if you want :)

  Leanne Jul 25, 2009 7:51 PM

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