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Hawaii Hi Ho

UNITED STATES OUTLYING ISLANDS | Monday, 25 February 2008 | Views [1737] | Comments [6]

Aloha! Yes I made it to Hawaii :) After a fairly long uneventful flight and a bit of time wasting at LAX, I was fortunate to be met by my friend Julie who picked me up and gave me a quick tour of Kona in the dark, for what its worth, hehe. I was also fortunate to get a hotel booking for the night which I made in Antigua before I left. But it was a culture shock to realise how much the cost of living is in the Western world, having being spoilt in Mexico and Guatemala. So as money is tight I had to do some quick negotiations to find a place for the rest of my days here. Living on bananas and munchy bars is ok for a short time haha.

The next day I walked the main 'strip' of Kona along with the thousands of American tourists, found a good place for breakfast and spent the rest of the day lazing by the pool. This is the Big Island which is quite different from Oahu as its just a giant lump of volcanic rock with little if any sandy beaches. The volcanic smoke/steam blows over the island every afternoon but the sun keeps things warm enough for the sun tan :). I managed to secure a room at King Kamehameha's Hotel which has its own litle beach so I get the best of pool and sea :). Now if only I could afford to go parasailing, snorkelling, diving, volcano climbing, ATVing and all the rest of activities on offer! lol.

Later in the evening a crowd of people were gathered at the beach so I went to investigate and found some free drinks on offer - tropical rum punch, yes please I'll have some of that! Then some traditionally dressed islanders dug up their version of a 'hungi' which had cooked a whole pig.
That's gotta be better than munchy bars! But then a traditional ceremony started, and when everyone was invited to take their seats for the song and dance show, it dawned on me, that I had gate-crashed a lu'au! haha ... exit stage left.

But most of my time has been spent not doing much - walking around, lying around - and trying to figure out how to rationalise my last pennys to get home. I made the decision to pull the pin on this place a few days early - no big loss, my heart is still in the Guatemalan jungle and the Mexican desert. From what I've seen, Hawaii, or Kailua-Kona at least, is one big tourist trap for the yanks. Any tradional culture has been synthesised into a show and tell for tourists and I haven't heard anyone speak the indigenous language (except for the obligatory aloha's which has lost its cultural 'punch'). But I really haven't seen a lot so I may be wrong - I hope so.

I bought a ticket from Kona to Honolulu so will be heading back to Aus this week. Its been a hell of a ride, and I've had a fantastic time :). I'd love to keep going, but I think the time has come to ditch the backpack and enjoy some homestays for a while. I've already flagged a couple of places for another visit in the future, including Mexico - anyone wanna learn salsa dancing? lol.

I really hoped you've all enjoyed travelling along with me, and I know I got slack with the photos in the last couple of weeks, but I'll put them up when I get home. Thanks to all those who left comments for me, I've loved reading them and they really make the world a smaller place :). So for my offical last post on this World Domination Tour I'd like to say farewell, dasvidanya, auf wiedersehn, adios, ciao, and seeya all in the lucky country!! woohooooo :)


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Heyyy Matty...I'm happy you had such a great time in Mexico but am a bit sad that you didn't have the funds for an enjoyable Hawaiian holiday...never mind..the island isn't going anywhere and maybe in the future you can do another trek there...It's been great reading about all your exploits and following you on your journey..at times I felt like I was there with you and at others I wished I was there with you...will be good to see you when you get back to Oz...take care mon. ;)

  Chris Feb 25, 2008 5:58 PM


Hi there Mattravinski,

I understand what you mean fully once you get back into a western environment after the previous journey. Not that its a bad thing however probably alot more fun with some cash thats all..lol

As you know, your welcome to drop in here in QLD if your close by, but I imagine you will be pretty exhausted by the time you get back and No doubt will catch up with ya in Perth sometime this year.

Some pretty amazing stories there dude and it has been a rewarding effort that you have documented it for all to read as they have been most entertaining indeed :)

Cheers for now,
A :)

ps: Gate crashed a lu'au :P

  Andy Snowden Feb 26, 2008 1:55 AM


As keen as you maybe to get home Mattso, as soon as you arrive, you'll wish you were still trekking ;cp Stretch it for as long as the funds will hold out dude.

Live it up!

Great journal mate. See you when you get here.

  mileage Feb 26, 2008 2:27 AM


Hi Matt have really enjoyed your travels, and will be sorry there is now no more for me to look forward to reading, If you get this on time have a safe journey home and see you soon. xx

  trudi Feb 26, 2008 4:48 PM


Hey Matt,
The regular bus from Honalulu around the island is cheap and you can get on and off as you like....pineapple farms, pipeline surf spot, etc. Pearl Harbour is worth a visit although you share with the multitudes.

See ya soon.
PS. the macophiles are hanging to see ya, ha, ha!!

  Annie G Feb 27, 2008 7:49 PM


WOW !!! what a fantastic journey and wonderful memories you'll have. Mexico sounds awesome. Start saving for your next trip and salsa lesons........WELCOME HOME !!

  Anna Feb 28, 2008 9:57 AM

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