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Maria & Brett's HUGE Trip 06-07-08-09-? ok, so the Socceroos lost in 'that' penalty against Italy; Adriatic summers aren't long enough (bliss!); and we found that you should never use the term "Eastern Bloc" when talking to a Czech (Central Europe, please).

In search of a white Xmas - Pt II

SLOVENIA | Thursday, 28 Dec 2006 | Views [1207] | Comments [2]

Slovenia welcomed us back for the second time with open arms. Or rather, Maria’s cousin Gregor and his girlfriend Anja did this on behalf of the city when we arrived in Ljubljana. The town mayor was probably called away unexpectedly to attend to some ... Read more >

Tags: Snow

Gallery: Christmas in Slovenia

SLOVENIA | Sunday, 24 Dec 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Christmas in Vienna

AUSTRIA | Wednesday, 20 Dec 2006 | Photo Gallery

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In search of a white Xmas - Pt I

AUSTRIA | Wednesday, 20 Dec 2006 | Views [1830]

A stop-off in wintry Vienna to liberate cafes of their delicious coffee and gluhwein stores of their fancily decorated mugs, followed by a festive season in Slovenia signposted by local wine, prosciutto, overly-generous local hospitality and nativity ... Read more >

Tags: Snow

Gallery: Czech Rep - Christmas Carp

CZECH REPUBLIC | Tuesday, 19 Dec 2006 | Photo Gallery

Only days before the celebration of Christmas Eve the streets around the country are taken over by carp merchants selling live carp from large vats, ready for selection by the discerning customer. After the fateful selection is made, the customer can ... Read more >
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Oddities and curiosities of life in the Czech Republic - Part I

CZECH REPUBLIC | Thursday, 14 Dec 2006 | Views [4546] | Comments [1]

“Have you got any Kangaroos in your car?” What do you say to a German border guard who’s holding your passport in one hand, an entry stamp with the other, smiling like a half-cut madman waiting for your response? Sometimes you just have ... Read more >

Tags: Culture

Gallery: Czech Rep - St Mikulas Day (How to psychologically damage your kids)

CZECH REPUBLIC | Wednesday, 6 Dec 2006 | Photo Gallery

6 December marks the 'name day' for St Mikulas (St Nick), who is the patron saint of children. Each year to mark the start of Christmas festivities trios of adults roam the streets on the eve of 6 Dec dressed as St Nick, an Angel and a Devil. The children ... Read more >
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Gallery: Czech Rep - Halloween

CZECH REPUBLIC | Saturday, 11 Nov 2006 | Photo Gallery

Our first American halloween - in the Czech Republic. Makes perfect sense! A friend of ours, Jess, had a pumpkin carvin' party at her place with the requirement that everyone comes in costume. So we dug into our wardrobe and pulled out our supporters ... Read more >
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Gallery: Czech Rep - Autumn

CZECH REPUBLIC | Sunday, 5 Nov 2006 | Photo Gallery

Prague and its surroundings turned a golden hue for 2 weeks. Here's how we saw it...
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Czech Republic - Return from the Ghetto!

CZECH REPUBLIC | Monday, 25 Sep 2006 | Views [3193] | Comments [9]

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to pack up all your worldly possessions and head off to an unknown little country town in the middle of Central Europe for nine months? We did, but our wondering lasted all of 24 hours. Here’s our story…… ... Read more >

Tags: Misadventures

Gallery: Czech Rep - The Early Days (Sep)

CZECH REPUBLIC | Sunday, 10 Sep 2006 | Photo Gallery

We quickly discovered the joys of living in this wonderful part of the world...
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Gallery: Czech Republic - Hitting the ground running!

CZECH REPUBLIC | Friday, 1 Sep 2006 | Photo Gallery

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The road to Prague

GERMANY | Thursday, 31 Aug 2006 | Views [808] | Comments [4]

Hi all! We've just returned to Stuttgart, Germany, after 6 or 7 weeks of travelling around Croatia, Slovenia and Italy - and a weekend in Zurich to wrap it all up... and boy do we have some stories for you! We're off to Prague tomorrow (Friday, 1 ... Read more >

Tags: On the Road

Gallery: Croatia - Plitvice National Park

CROATIA | Thursday, 17 Aug 2006 | Photo Gallery

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The High Life in Amsterdam

NETHERLANDS | Tuesday, 15 Aug 2006 | Views [1348]

“What should we do with miles of boggy wasteland, covered by water?” Someone answered that one in the late 1500s with the brilliant idea of damming the Amstel River, draining the lowlands of most of their water, and then building on this land ... Read more >

Tags: Party time

Gallery: Croatia - Dubrovik

CROATIA | Friday, 28 Jul 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Croatia - Road Trip

CROATIA | Monday, 24 Jul 2006 | Photo Gallery

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Gallery: Croatia - Zadar & Policnik

CROATIA | Saturday, 15 Jul 2006 | Photo Gallery

**There are 2 pages of photos here. Make sure you find the second page!**
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Gallery: Croatia - Istria

CROATIA | Wednesday, 12 Jul 2006 | Photo Gallery

Istria is a region in Croatia's north west. This region comprises of a number of gorgeous coastal towns such as Pula, Rovinj and Porec. The towns comprise of cobble stoned alleyways, ancient churches and wonderful coastlines. The area was part of roman ... Read more >
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Gallery: Amsterdam

NETHERLANDS | Tuesday, 4 Jul 2006 | Photo Gallery

What a vibrant, charming and colourful place!
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Gallery: Koln (Cologne)

GERMANY | Tuesday, 4 Jul 2006 | Photo Gallery

3 days of exploring this intriguing town.
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Gallery: Ulm & Herbrectingen

AUSTRALIA | Friday, 30 Jun 2006 | Photo Gallery

Tiem to chill out before the madness of a World Cup Final
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World Cup - Australia v Italy

GERMANY | Tuesday, 27 Jun 2006 | Views [2859] | Comments [1]

Following Australia’s qualification to play in the Round of 16, rumours began circulating around the Australian community and in the local press that an additional 1500 tickets for the match against Italy in Kaiserslautern would be released for sale ... Read more >

Tags: Party time

Gallery: Munich

GERMANY | Monday, 26 Jun 2006 | Photo Gallery

Time out to explore one of Germany's southern gems
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Gallery: World Cup - Aus v Italy

GERMANY | Saturday, 24 Jun 2006 | Photo Gallery

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