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Goodbye and Good evening, Vietnam

Monday, 31 Aug 2009 | Views [827]

August 31st, 2009 This place is breathtaking. Craggy rocks covered in green jut out of jet blue waters.  Today we swam in salt water that was so warm, it was like a bathtub. Throughout the day, we hiked through a cave, kayaked, and ate a lot of seafood.... Read more >

Tags: cave, good bye, halong bay, health insurance, japan, kayak, los angeles, narita, seafood

Crash and Burn

Sunday, 30 Aug 2009 | Views [625]

August 30th, 2009 Today we leave for Bao La and my mentorship behind as we press on to our luxury boat “Jewel of the Bay”. Trent won’t be joining us because his ticket says he needs to go home. I’ve learned a lot about Australians and Australian pop ... Read more >

Tags: agent orange, augie march, australians, bao la, crash and burn, documentary, film making, jewel of the bay, mentorship, peace village

Agent Orange

Saturday, 29 Aug 2009 | Views [659]

August 29th, 2009  We’re leaving the clinic tomorrow for a pleasure cruise on Halong Bay, so I need to find my story today . I started out by following various families go through the clinic experience. Trent thought the story would be more powerful ... Read more >

Tags: agent orange, genetic mutation, motorcycle, story, vietnam war

Don't let the bed bugs Bite

Friday, 28 Aug 2009 | Views [3232]

August 28th, 2009 So, about that bad karma.  Today I’ve been up since 3:00 and it wasn’t due to the usual suspects. (Those being roosters, cicadas, and people using the bathroom.)  At three I woke up because I heard the crinkling of candy wrappers ... Read more >

Tags: 3:00 am, bad karma, bed bugs, beetle, candy wrapper, grapes of wrath, mosquito net

Death Trek

Thursday, 27 Aug 2009 | Views [789]

August 27th, 2009 We folks, we all lived through the hike of death and although heat stroke claimed one of us, she was in good hands.  This is after all, a medical trek. The hike began quite steep as we descended into the Mai Chau Valley, trekking ... Read more >

Tags: death trek, heat stroke, ice cream, mai chau valley, mosquito net, rice paddy, sweat, villagers

Bride Stealing-What you do when you really want a Bargain

Wednesday, 26 Aug 2009 | Views [2984] | Comments [2]

August 26th, 2009 So last night I thought I found my story. Tuong, our tour guide was giving us a history of Hang Kia, and he mentioned that they still practice bride stealing. “How awesome would it be to find someone who is about ready to steal ... Read more >

A Vietnamese Wake-up Call

Tuesday, 25 Aug 2009 | Views [853]

August 25th, 2009 My wake up call was early this morning-the original plan was to leave the hotel, (and it’s lovely porcelain toilets) at eight. But my ride thought that it may be more prudent to leave earlier therefore bypassing the Hanoi AM commute.... Read more >

Tags: camera, doctor, hanoi commute, jeeping, leah, medical team, oversized polo shirt, tattoos, toilets, wake-up call

Life and times of the rich and famous

Monday, 24 Aug 2009 | Views [864] | Comments [1]

August 24th, 2009 So...if you were to drive to Boston International Airport on any random day and were to buy a plane ticket to Vietnam, (for that same day) it would cost you about $4,100. I felt like a total balla at the American Airlines check ... Read more >

Tags: american airlines, balla, buffalo tours, buying a ticket full price, donald trump, famous, galaxy hotel, medical trek, rich

Planes, Trains, and Teeth

Sunday, 23 Aug 2009 | Views [664]

August 23rd, 2009 It’s 4:30 AM Eastern Standard Time. I’m in Boston and four hours ago, I was cleaning up the remains of my best friend’s wedding. Theoretically, I should be headed toward Vietnam in two hours, but I still don’t have a ticket purchased ... Read more >

Tags: elia, greek deli, lamb gyro, layover, plane ticket, teeth, vietnam



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